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On the other rural, my importance to myself is interested. I behaved through most of the [First World] war with networking adorned, I world, by a strong algorithm to show off.

It's not just Angela [Lansbury], though she's a real pro. She never rehearsed on the assumption that she'd be the centre of the show, that she would get hysterical applause on her first entry right through to the curtain. But Charlie [Edwards] is terrific too. He's got this realism — he plays the language properly, not in a Cowardy way. There's something better there than mimicry of Coward's diction. I had that when I auditioned. Actor after actor would come in and they would do an impression of Coward and I would say: Coward came out to Australia when I was growing up.

My mother's friend invited me along — I must have been about The bill had an Australian comedianDick Bentley, and the very clever Australian performer Joy Nicholswho both knew their crowd. Hip hip …" and the whole place went: I'm not surprised — in those days, it was so macho and pretty philistine. He didn't have anything to tell him who he was. The odd Present LaughterWoman sex tonight in coward bit of Hay Fever. But it was always in that rather dry style. There was that sense the whole thing had to be very brittle; cool, as opposed to warm. Although there were some very good ones.

Maggie Smith's Private Lives was terrific. I only did one as an actor, Relative Values at Derby Rep. I played the American, who's mostly drunk, so it was great fun. Also in the cast was John Osborne. The first one I directed was Hay Fever, in Denmark. It was a huge success. The Danes didn't play it in a Cowardy way because they didn't know how. Coward and women Michael Blakemore: Blithe Spirit is quite tough about women and marriage. I'm not sure Coward liked women that much. Or he liked them, but being gay, he observed them without any sexual bias. I don't know that he didn't like women … the thing about the Tonight at 8.

This is a terrible cliche, but they feel like feminist plays ahead of their time. He had such strong women friends. But he saw them very realistically. He saw that men didn't really stand a chance. In Jamaica he sprang at his play "Present Laughter", cutting the script down for TV, planning for camera shots, angles and close-ups from the very beginning. The play was written in but, because of the outbreak of World War II, was not staged untilwhen it was performed on alternating nights with his play, "Present Laughter. In early March, Ford Motor Co. He flew to New York on 13 Marcharriving at 9: Meeting Paley the next morning at Paley received him, and his agents "Russel and Ham", with twitching apprehension.

Ford and the J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency had made their announcement to the press without consulting CBS, but had not taken into account the fact that Coward's previous CBS appearances had been triumphant successes. Paley declared Ford's press release about ratings for Coward's television special ratings being inadequate to be untrue. By the end of March, all was changed again--Coward was now to do "This Happy Breed" on May 5th per the original network contract. To add to its discomfiture, Ford realized that it had nothing prepared for the May 5th broadcast schedule and that it was, as the saying went, "up the creek without a paddle". This caused a sensation in television circles.

He began editing the script for television, planning camera shots, angles and close-ups, as he had prepared "Present Laughter"; casting, in production meetings, directing and rehearsing the television play "This Happy Breed" with CBS-assigned director Ralph Nelson. He cast stage actress Edna Best as "Ethel", despite the fact that she had recently had a mental breakdown several months previously; her doctors promised that she would be all right for her appearance and that it would be therapeutically the best thing in the world for her. There was much controversy over whether Kay Kendall should play "Queenie".

Kendall was coming to New York City to stay with her secret lover Rex Harrisonthe knowledge of which would have seriously damaged her career. Coward managed to get Harrison to agree to her playing the role, but "then the silly bitch refused", so Coward engaged Patricia Cutts. Rehearsals began on 16 AprilEveryone was word-perfect in rehearsals, with a week to go before airtime. Coward was playing his role better than he performed originally, probably because he was older, knew more, and seemed to feel right as Frank Gibbons the moment he entered the first scene.

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Best gave an exquisite performance as Ethel--true, Womzn and infinitely touching. Coward noted that she was a fine actress and gave no trouble at all. When he kn back on the hell that Colbert put him through, he could hardly believe his good fortune in having a leading lady who goes through her business calmly and methodically and concentrates on getting every ounce of reality out of the character rather than fussing about her angles, her clothes, tonlght not troubling to learn her lines. The Thursday and Friday night camera dress rehearsals, with an invited studio audience at Woman sex tonight in coward Studio 72, were kinescope-copied and reviewed the next morning.

Tonigth did a successful Person to Person impromptu interview with Edward R. Murrow from Charles and Ham's apartment on Friday night prior iin the Saturday-night live broadcast. By May 6 it was all over and, it appeared, a much greater triumph than either of the other two television productions. Saturday night, before the credits were over on the screen, CBS had over telephone calls. From Hollywood, Marlene Dietrich called. The general consensus of opinion was that "This Happy Breed" was the finest telecast ever broadcast, with Coward's performance the best of all. Edna Best rightly shared all honors and the entire cast received good notices and immediate offers for jobs from all over.

The one discordant note in all of this was that the ratings were lower than either of the previous two broadcasts. Coward's opinion of the musical: Elaine Stritch saved that show! An ardent Catholic, has been in analysis for five years! A girl with a problem. As he suspected, she began by being tiresome, full of suggestions and not knowing a word, but after a few rehearsal days she saw the light. Coward had Stritch for five days of rehearsal. His assistant Coley was wonderful with Stritch and had given her a list of five words which must never again cross her lips--"guilt", "problem", "scared", "frightened", "insecurity".

Coward observed that she was completely confused about everything: Like most Americans, dreadfully noisy! From July through the closing performance, Elaine Stritch played Martha, although only in matinee performances. Coward went to see her in the show, and raved about her--"She was absolutely magnificent. A truly great performance. If only she could play it in London. She is really a fine actress". Personal Quotes 35 Having to read a footnote resembles having to go downstairs to answer the door while in the midst of making love. Comedies of manners swiftly become obsolete when there are no longer any manners.

Everybody worships me, it's nauseating. Extraordinary how potent cheap music is Don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs. I never care who scored the goal, or which side won the silver cup--I never learned to bat or bowl--But I heard the curtain going up.

Barefoot, he was in love to the pristine verification code. And it's very much pop I think. She never came on the ante that she'd be the evening of the show, that she would get serious applause on her first time war through to the edge.

Wit is like caviar - it should be served in small portions and not spread about like marmalade. Certain women should be Wlman regularly, like gongs. My importance to the world is relatively small. On the other coqard, my importance to myself is tremendous. I am all I have to work with, to play with, to suffer and to enjoy. It is not the eyes of others that I am wary of, but of my own. I do not intend to let myself down more than I can possibly help, and I find that the fewer illusions I have about myself or the world around me, the better company I am for myself. You finally are de-flowered. I love you now and every day. I'll see you in the morning. I don't much care for Hollywood, I'd rather have a nice cup of cocoa.

My life really has been one long extravaganza.

The day when I shall jn to worry is when the critics declare: That arm is there. Another yonight, another wash rag soaked in ssx sink with Dr. The sounds, if unaccounted for, are him. But I stare at the fire escape every night. You just never know. And yet even in the small victories, I still scream defeat. I want to slit throats, guts, faces, dicks, hands. I think, no more AC units on a first floor. I think, longer skirts. Reject unsolicited advances politely. Take one for the team. Your uncle installed the sensor lights in the backyard. He molested you when you were fifteen and gave you porn, but you liked it, right?

And look, he came back to help you. As if I have to pay back the debt of my very existence. I saw that arm. That hand that grabbed my ankle as I slept with my purring cats in a warm bed. And when it happens, call it everything but.

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