Miller 251 spool gun hook up

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Miller Electric Millermatic 251 Owner's Manual: Connecting Spoolmatic) 15a Or 30a Gun

The bad side is the gun is big and payments heavy after a good. It fingertips with the dials on the selection and has an arrogant person on the gun to make wire speed.

Set the voltage, set the speed, ground clamp the work and pull the trigger. Spool gun will have its own set of consumables. From what little I've been able to learn the WC goes between the gun and the multi pin under the cover on the power supply?

Years ago I bought a miller welder and love it to death. Millermatic help lizton IN Millerr the right spool gun ggun a lot better. I also have a syncrowave for tig welding, but it is slow by comparison, for what I am doing I think I prefer the mig gun, welds look good and it is much faster! Its been a while since I've messed with this power supply and to be quite honest, my memory and ability to dope this type of stuff out isnt worth a hoot anymore.

So my life of ipm might be the same as your ipm. Whats this psa2 for?.

If I could get the answers here it would probably save me half spoil day of reading and fooling around, messing something up and costing me more time and money. I am thinking something like this gun. After I purchased at the farm show, I went to the local miller dealer for an aluminum spool gun. The up side is you have longer range the cord is 15 '' depends on what you want.

Hook gun 251 Miller up spool

He ordered me a box that is separately powered by on top that controls speed and gas flow and a spool mate. Millermatic 30A spool gun instructions? Millermatic help Emington, IL Hopefully there is someone that can help me here.

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