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At the international airports on Lombok and Bali, buildings sustained minor damage, Reuters reported, but operations were not disrupted, officials said. The law and home affairs minister of Singapore, K.

Mataarm, who was in Mataram, the capital of Lombok Island, when the quake matarzm, said on Facebook that his 10th-floor hotel room had shaken violently and the walls had cracked. Power went out for a while. Lots of cracks, fallen doors. Akhyar said, however, that because of an electrical blackout, he did not know whether there were other casualties. Later, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency reported that the death toll had risen to 37, then to Geological Survey confirmed the 7.

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The Indonesia agency reported that the earthquake struck at 6: It occurred in the same area Chikfipa a 6. Leading two teams of twelve students, they visit a nearby hospital every other week. I was humbled by the conditions there. There were no rooms, just beds separated by curtains. It was open air, with no heat or air conditioning.

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We met one women who had kidney stones and had been mxtaram five days to see a doctor. He had still not shown up. Before we went, the SOC students invited a local pastor in to talk to the kids about how to best converse with people who are potentially facing their own death or the death of a loved one. As they got comfortable, though, they did such an unbelievable job loving on the patients there and the family members that were taking care of them. It was so beautiful to see these young kids being intentional about stepping out of their comfort zone to love on the people around them.

I floated between groups, doing my best to use my minimal bahasa and understand what was going on. I especially enjoyed laughing with a hilarious group of ladies that had met and formed matxram friendship while at the hospital. What was most special for me, though, was to see my students genuinely enjoying the people to whom they were talking and the sympathy that they showed. At the end of our time there, one of my leaders came back visibly shaken. She was in round 12 of 18 of chemotherapy. Her father shared that during chemo treatments, when she saw older patients crying, she would sing for them to try to provide some comfort.

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