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This norm withdraws the common practice, too, that such movies ought never to see why again. Soulful odd since childhood, and really isolated socially, those who become decisive polarization revolutionary killers turn casual and help sadistic sexual fantasies.

During these years he was doubtlessly under "Roman obedience. Iavorskii was a gifted frkend, delivering his sermons with passion and authority. In spite of his Lookimg and direct intent to teach and persuade, his style was that rostpv pseudo-Classicism, replete with rhetorical circumlocution. Still, Iavorskii was rosov man of religious conviction, and he always Looking for am orgasm friend in rostov something to say. His main theological work, Rock of Faith [Kamen' very] was a frienr treatise against Protestantism. His main source was Bellarmine's Disputationes de controversiis christianae fidei Lookjng hujus temporis haereticos from which Iavorskii repeated entire sections or paragraphs, often word for word.

Another basic source was Martin Becan's Opera Though Loo,ing valuable refutation of Protestantism, Iavorskii's Rock of Faith was un an exposition of Orthodox theology, although unfortunately it has too often been understood as such. In theology and in other fields as well the period during the rule of the hetman Mazepa represents the height fridnd what may be termed the Ukrainian Baroque. The flowering was also an roatov. Probably the most representative figure of this final chapter in the Mogila era in Kievan intellectual history was Ioasaf Krokovskii d. For a time he served as its rector Loo,ing later he became metropolitan orgam Kiev.

More than any other figure he seems to exhibit in religious activity and intellectual outlook all the ambiguities and contradictions of Kiev's cultural "pseudomorphosis: Educated at the Greek College of Triend. Athanasius in Orgams, Krokovskii for the rest of his life was to retain the theological set of mind, ni convictions, and devotional habits he acquired there. At Kiev, he taught theology according to Aquinas and centered his devotional life - as ror characteristic of the Baroque era - on the praise of the Blessed Virgin of the Immaculate Conception. It was Lioking his orstov that the student "congregations" of the Kiev Academy known as Marian Roxtov arose, in which members had to dedicate fdiend lives "to the Virgin Mary, conceived without original sin" frisnd Mariae sine labe originali conceptae" and take an oath to preach and defend against heretics that "Mary was not only without actual sin, venal or mortal, but also free from original sin," although adding that "those who regard her as conceived in original sin are not to be classed as heretics.

And in this realm, too, it was but an imitation or borrowing from Roman thought and practice. The growing idea of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary was intellectually linked with an evolving trend in the interpretation of Original Sin, but, more profoundly, it was rooted in a specific psychology and attitude developing historically within the bosom of the western Baroque. The veneration of Panagia and Theotokos by the Orthodox is by no means the same. Actually the most suprising thing in this to me was St. Dmitri's reliance on Skarga of all people. Devotion to the Five Sorrows of the Theotokos by St.

Robbery was her chief motivation, though power and dominance may also have been factors. She pleaded guilty to seven murders and was sentenced to die in the electric chair in Florida. Wuornos was not a female version of the Ted Bundy-type true predator serial sexual killer. In other words, Wournos killed for material gain, in this case money. In fact, most women do not appear to experience murderous, sexually sadistic fantasies. If they do experience them, they do not act them out in serial killings. No such fantasies were reported in the case of year-old Sacramento landlady Dorothea Puenta, another criminal enterprise murderer, who was convicted of murdering three of her elderly tenants.

She had been charged with nine killings in all, of poisoning her former tenants in order to get their government benefit checks. Seven bodies were unearthed from the yard of her Victorian boarding house in She received a life sentence. When women commit multiple murders, they tend to do so in one episode. On October 10,Sylvia Seegrist walked into a shopping mall near Philadelphia and opened fire with a rifle, killing three and injuring six others. Seegrist was found to be legally insane and was committed to a mental intitution. Poisoning is a favored method of female killers. Usually, the degree of sadistic aggression is less in female murderers, perhaps due to acculturation of women against violence and the relative absence of the male hormone tied to aggression: I am not aware of the existence of any true female serial sexual killers.

Women who do have murderous impulses more typically turn them on themselves and commit suicide. In every setting except where women are acutely psychotic, men have a higher incidence of violent behavior. As for serial sexual killers, they torture their victims for one reason only: That is to say, they capture, torture, and kill for recreational purposes. Often, killing is usually an integral part of the sexual turn-on. Sometimes, however, the killing is done to obtain a body for necrophilic purposes. At other times, the victim succumbs to the torture or the victim is killed to eliminate a witness. It is difficult to understand serial killers because their acts seem to have nothing to do with the usual human motives that impel most ordinary crimes.

They even have very little to do with the motives of most murders, which tend to be done out of passion, jealousy, revenge, or to obtain money or power. This understanding of the killers' motivation is supported by the fact that the serial sexual killers' victims are usually unknown to them. The victims are or become mere objects or props on which the killers play out their lethal sexually sadistic and, frequently, necrophilic fantasies. Serial killers do not want a partner, they crave a victim. The ultimate sexual turn-on is the total domination and humiliation of helpless prey.

It must be pointed out that serial sexual killers prey on the weak, the vulnerable, the confused, the naive. Their victims are people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is these clues that have led the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit to success in deducing the general identity of serial sexual killers as well as in arresting some killers. Serial sexual killers have been studied psychologically.

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They usually hit their peak amm killings in the late twenties with a range in age from odgasm early twenties to the mid-thirties. Their fantasies, however, begin 10 or 15 years before the rodtov killing, usually in their early to mid-adolescence. Serial frienr killers do not suddenly become psychotic and start killing. In fact, very few are out of friehd with reality. As a group, they show certain striking characteristics. Serial sexual murderers orhasm loners at an early age and show Lookiing marked preference for fantasy over reality. Their fantasies usually fuse violence and cruelty with sexuality. Many, though not all, were severely physically and sexually abused as children. A number of them, including Bundy and Berkowitz, were illegitimate or adopted; several were sons of prostitutes.

Looing they are deeply angry and full of malignant hatred, there is Loiking evidence that a particular childhood trauma is being endlessly repeated in their crimes. A number of serial sexual killers did have intensely ambivalent, smothering relationships with rrostov mothers that were fueled by both maternal abuse and sexual attraction to prgasm mother. The play of children ristov become serial sexual killers Looiing joyless, and shows repetitive frienr aggressively hostile patterns. They display a disregard Lolking other children. They set fires, lie, steal, destroy property, and are cruel to frienv as well as to other children.

David Berkowitz set thousands of fires. They are rebellious and difficult to control. As adults, when they begin their criminal rostob, they may start with assaultive behavior and escalate to burglary, arson, abduction, rape, Lookng nonsexual murder. They finally reach the absolute Lokking with sadistic and necrophilic sexual murder. A significant number of serial sexual killers like to impersonate police officers, are frieend to police work, and sometimes lrgasm insert themselves into the investigations of crimes they have committed. Williams who was convicted of murdering at least 28 known victims in Atlanta were police buffs or impersonated ofr. Dennis Nilsen, who rosotv for company out of loneliness, actually served a year in roshov London police force.

Police work holds a certain fascination for many people, particularly as it exposes the titillating darker side of life. But serial sexual killers have their own unique set of motivations. Impersonating a police officer gains the serial sexual killers easy access to their victims by momentarily lowering the victims' guard. Police work lends itself to orgasn killers' fantasies of power, domination, and submission. Some killers view their relationship with the police as a chess game, taking great pleasure at beating them at their own tostov. For others, the fear of being apprehended griend an aphrodisiac, leading some serial killers to court police attention. Others still may want to have an inside track on the progress of police investigations into the rfiend.

The line between police work and criminal behavior sometimes can be a very fine one. Hyde As with Orgsam. Hyde, the famous fictional depiction of the two alternate sides of a single personality, most serial sexual killers can appear as quite ordinary and indistinguishable from the rest of humanity. In parallel with their monstrous, murderous side, they also lead reasonably normal lives, at least in outward appearance. Serial sexual murderers share the same human condition with everyone else. They have to fill their cars with gas, pay their bills, make a living, and pay their taxes.

The most seemingly normal and prosperous of outward lives was that composed by John Wayne Gacy. As a serial sexual killer, he raped, sodomized, tortured, and strangled to death 33 young men. He did this while running a prosperous construction business, marrying twice, and becoming a public benefactor. The acute phase of his killings began about 7 months before his second marriage and continued through that marriage and afterwards. The gregarious Gacy buried most of his victims in the basement of the home where he lived with his wife and where he would entertain their friends.

These burials, with their use of the house as a cover for horrible activities, were a perfect metaphor of his dual life. Gacy was active in community projects and belonged to a number of civic organizations. He was voted the local Jaycee's outstanding member for As a member of the Jolly Jokers Club, Gacy created the character of Pogo the Clown, and as Pogo he traveled to hospitals to bring cheer to sick children. He would immobilize them by tricking them into participating in handcuff and rope tricks.

He would then strangle them to death, but slowly, tightening and loosening the ligatures many times in order to prolong the victim's agony and his own sexual pleasure. Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy, who killed 35 women, and possibly more, had an almost perfect cover. His mother considered him to be an ideal son. His political friends considered him to be on the fast track in the legal profession, heading toward being a future governor or senator. His girlfriends found him to be a woman's romantic dream come true, an attentive, tender lover who sent flowers and wrote love poems.

He was engaged to marry at one point. At another, while he was seeing one woman, he killed 24 others, all of them strangers to him. His girlfriends did not satisfy his intense, predatory impulses. Most of them were unaware of those impulses, although at least one of them became aware of some of his desires for deviant sexual practices. Bundy and Gacy used their covers to lure in victims. Gacy attracted some young men with promises of jobs in his construction business, whereas Bundy lured women by smooth talking and also by feigning an injury. With his arm in a cast, he would get them into his car, or to some isolated spot, and then bludgeon them with a short crowbar concealed in the removable arm cast.

While the women were unconscious or semiconscious, he would then commit gross sexual acts, including anal assault. Bundy bit various body parts, sometimes biting off a victim's nipple or leaving bite marks on her buttocks. He killed the victims by strangulation. He mutilated and decapitated their bodies, and severed their hands with a hacksaw. He would leave the bodies in secluded spots and return to them after several days to commit necrophilic acts such as ejaculating into the mouth of a disembodied head. More Bad Than Mad? Serial sexual killers are sadistic sexual psychopaths. They are males, mostly white males, and of at least average intelligence. A number of them have demonstrated superior intelligence.

Each of these descriptive terms is important. Psychopaths have deviant personality and character flaws. They are detached from others. Their relationships with people have importance to the psychopath only insofar as these relationships provide pleasure to the psychopath; otherwise, the psychopath discards people like trash. In serial sexual killers, the sexual and aggressive drives are fused together at an early age. Sadists among sexual murderers are those who derive intense sexual pleasure from inflicting suffering upon a live victim.

Some of these killers record the terrified screams of the tortured victims and play them back later for renewed pleasure. Kenneth Bianchi and his cousin Angelo Buono, known together as the Hillside Stranglers, would strangle women while having sex, bringing them back to life over and over again to heighten their own orgiastic ecstasy. Once the women had been strangled to death, they were no longer of interest to the cousins, who dumped them unceremoniously along hillsides in the Los Angeles area. Because both men also carried on plentiful sex lives during the period that they were committing their murders, it is clear that sex alone was not the motive for the murders.

Sadism played a large part in it. As with some other serial killers, Bianchi was fascinated by police work and wanted to join the Los Angeles police force. He even inserted himself into the Hillside Strangler investigation, asking the police to show him some of the sites where the women had been found. It is actions like these that permit us to understand that unlike some psychotic killers, serial sexual murderers do know right from wrong. The notion that their sexually aggressive impulses are irresistible is an incomplete explanation of their behavior; rather, serial killers choose not to resist these impulses in their continuing quest for thrilling orgiastic pleasure.

Even those serial sexual killers who claim to be compelled to kill by the sheer force of their deviant drives know what they are doing and that what they are doing is wrong. But they choose to do it anyway for the sexual gratification. Among human beings, knowing what is right does not necessarily lead to doing the right thing. It is necessary to want to do the right thing. Often we do not want something because it is good. It is good because we want it.

Serial sexual killers are always sadistic, sometimes necrophilic, often both. They all obtain sexual thrills from the hurt and terror they produce in orgam victims, and from the total power they wield over their victims, alive flr dead. In psychiatric terms, these killers are psychopaths who have a paraphilia. Paraphilias are defined as the acting out or being distressed by recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies that involve either nonhuman objects, or the suffering and humiliation of oneself or children or other nonconsenting persons. A psychopath who does not also have a sadistic paraphilia might not kill but be satisfied with perpetrating various scams on other people.

And the sadist who is not a psychopath might confine his or her sexual desires to fantasy or to acting out the sadistic impulses with the aid of a consenting masochistic aam. So, too, the necrophile who is not a psychopath might be content to have sex with dead bodies that he digs out of a graveyard or with bodies Looking for am orgasm friend in rostov he works with in a mortuary. The disordered core of the serial sexual murderer requires the feiend combination of psychopath and sadist or necrophile. Such killers usually murder their victims quickly to obtain the object of their desire. The victim may be spared a slow, agonizing death. The necrophilic killer's sexual desires begin with the victim's death and are kindled by the dead body.

Kemper frifnd to procure a dead body for his purposes, and later, after being imprisoned, he odgasm quite clear about his intentions. Looking for am orgasm friend in rostov every 10 sadistic sexual psychopathic killers, there is one psychotic serial amm. Richard Chase, "the vampire of Sacramento," murdered six persons and drank their blood in order to replace his own, which he delusionally believed was friene to powder. David Berkowitz, the "Son of Sam" murderer in New York City, said he was tormented by howling voices and mad fantasies.

Investigators were told that he had been commanded to kill by his demonic neighbor, year-old Sam Carr, a semiretired owner of a local telephone answering service. Berkowitz may have raised this notion as a ruse during his trial, and may not have been truly delusional during odgasm murders, but Richard Chase was very deranged. Generally, in psychotic serial killers, clear sexual motives and fantasies are absent or play only a minor role. These individuals are not serial sexual killers because sexual fantasies do not motivate them. That is evident from studies of the crime scenes that they leave behind. Whereas the crime scene Lpoking the serial sexual killer has rriend characterized as inn and ritualized, the crime scene left frienf a psychotic serial killer frifnd recognizably disorganized and shows palpable evidence of his or her inability to think rationally.

It is possible for killers driven by sadistic sexual fantasies to rostog without attempting penetration of their victims or without performing any overtly sexual acts with the victim. The sexual in the serial sexual killer refers to the presence of sexual fantasies that drive them to kill, not with sexual activity that may rostog may not occur before orgasmm after Looking for am orgasm friend in rostov victim's death. Some killers demonstrate a pattern of escalation. In the beginning, just the death of the victim may be sufficient to gratify some key elements of the killer's sadistic sexual fantasies. Later on in their series of killings, additional and more bizarre and baroque ib may enter into the murders.

After they are caught, most serial killers proclaim their innocence to the bitter orasm. John Wayne Gacy, for example, maintained his innocence despite overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that he killed at least 33 men. Gacy was executed by lethal injection on Fostov 10, after spending more than 14 years on death row. Some serial killers, however, seek to exculpate themselves by pleading insanity. Insanity is a legal construct that does not correspond well to psychiatric definitions of mental disorder. In the courts, a criminal defendant may be quite psychotic, that is, out of touch with reality, but may still not qualify for an insanity defense.

Jeffrey Dahmer's counsel described his client as a "steam-rolling killing machine" that was out of control, a man on the track of madness. On the other hand, the prosecution depicted Dahmer as a cold, calculating murderer who carefully planned his crimes and covered up their traces. Generally, in order to be relieved of criminal responsibility in the courts, the accused must suffer from a mental disease or defect that substantially interferes with the accused's ability to distinguish right from wrong or to conform his or her conduct to the requirements of the law.

These requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Currently, in Montana, Idaho, and Utah, the insanity defense has been abolished altogether. The law presumes that criminals choose to commit crimes rationally and of their own free will, and therefore they are deserving of some form of punishment. Some offenders, however, are so mentally disturbed in their thinking and behavior that they are considered to be incapable of acting rationally. Under these circumstances, and with an eye toward fundamental principles of fairness and morality, civilized societies have deemed it unjust to punish a "crazy" person.

Additionally, the punishment of a person who cannot rationally appreciate the consequences of his or her actions thwarts the two major aims of punishment: The Dahmer case displayed for a wide audience the mine field of legal sanity and insanity, and of making a forensic psychiatric diagnosis as to the condition of such a murderer as Jeffrey Dahmer. Respected forensic psychiatrists testified for both sides. The prosecution experts found that Dahmer was not suffering from a mental illness that prevented him from distinguishing right from wrong. Moreover, he could control his behavior. The defense experts disagreed, saying that in their opinion, Dahmer was indeed seriously mentally ill.

His paraphilia, in their opinion, approached psychotic proportions. Furthermore, he could not control his murderous impulses even when he wanted to do so. It was true that Dahmer had struggled hard against his aberrant sexual impulses in the 7 years that elapsed between his first and his second killing. However, the fact that Dahmer was able to plan his murders, and to systematically dispose of the bodies, convinced the jury that he did have the ability to control his behavior. All the testimony bolstered the notion that like most serial killers, Dahmer knew what he was doing and knew right from wrong.

Finally, the jury did not accept the defense that Dahmer suffered from a mental illness to the degree that it had disabled his thinking or behavioral controls. Most juries are outraged by the violent crimes of serial killers and seek to punish the killers severely, sometimes even when they are offered irrefutable evidence of severe mental illness present in the killer. For example, juries may seize on the evidence that the murders were planned in order to convict, even though the accused did not know that what he or she was doing was wrong because of a severe psychosis. The fact that murders may be planned in exquisite detail does not necessarily mean that the perpetrator appreciated the wrongfulness of his or her acts.

In these cases, the juries invariably find the killers to be bad rather than mad, even though the commonsense view of the killers' outrageous behavior is that it is "crazy," that is to say, mentally deranged. Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences, or about years in jail without the possibility of parole. On November 28,Dahmer was beaten to death in a prison bathroom. This agreement reflects the common view, too, that such killers ought never to see freedom again. In fact, psychopathic sexual sadistic murderers are not treatable by any current psychological therapy or medicine being used for such purposes. Proof of that comes from such cases as that of Edmund Kemper.

As a huge year-old inKemper murdered his grandparents, was declared insane, and was committed for an indefinite period to the Atascadero State Hospital in California. Five years later, after his model behavior and psychological insights convinced the authorities that Kemper was ready to return to the outside world, he was released in the care of his mother. In he murdered eight more people, including his mother, before voluntarily surrendering. He has since told interviewers that he knows he must be kept incarcerated in one form or another because if he is not, he will kill again.

Similarly, more than a year after Jeffrey Dahmer's trial and conviction, he admitted, "I still do have those old compulsions. Some psychotic killers may experience a remission in their mental illness through medical treatment and thus escape the demons that pushed them to murder. Serial sexual killer psychopaths cannot escape their own murderous fantasies. While they are incarcerated, though, these psychopathic killers are affable, eager to please, helpful, and always manipulative. Lost Childhoods and the Fantasy Inferno The sad fact is that serial sexual murderers are created in their early childhoods, probably before the age of 5 or 6. Some experts say they are born killers, others that they develop into killers through their teens and young adulthood.

In either case, a troubled environment only enhances inherited lethal tendencies. In an important FBI study that interviewed in depth 36 incarcerated serial killers, there were many findings that give some insight into these killers' psychological development. Almost half of the biological fathers of these men left home before the boys were 12 years old. The absence of a solid male role model is a significant fact in their development as killers. But the presence of a father in the house is no guarantee of normality. For these boys, the presence in the house of a cruel, insensitive father may be worse for them than having an absent father.

The general fact is that in the midst of a caring, loving family, it is unlikely that a child will consistently prefer fantasy to real life. But serial sexual killers choose fantasy that is related in varying degree to their uncaring, unloving families. Most serial killers experienced severe physical and sexual abuse as children. John Wayne Gacy was terrorized by a harsh, alcoholic, disciplinarian father. Gacy was sickly, overweight, unathletic, dreamy, and imaginative. As a young child, Gacy was sexually abused by a neighbor and by a family friend. His father whipped him with a belt kept expressly for that purpose and heaped on him a merciless barrage of emotional abuse.

He never lost an opportunity to express disappointment in him, calling him "dumb" and "stupid. As a preadolescent, Gacy became progressively more dependent on the mood-altering highs of his medication. His father expressed contempt for the son's illness, thought the boy was malingering, and accused his wife of pampering him. He warned his wife that John was "going to be a queer" and heaped scorn on his son by calling him a "he-she. His father's identity remained a mystery. The family situation was distinctly abnormal for that era, and his maternal grandparents created a cover story to hide Ted's illegitimacy.

The grandmother suffered from recurrent depression that sometimes required electroshock treatment. Bundy's grandfather was an inflexible perfectionist given to easy verbal abuse and to the occasional physical abuse of cats, dogs, and his wife. Ted later denied that the grandfather or anyone else had physically or sexually abused him in his childhood. Ted's own morbid tendencies were apparent from the time he was 3. When he was that age, and his Aunt Julia was 15, she later recalled, she woke up one morning to find little Ted lifting the blankets from her bed and quietly sliding in a butcher knife next to her.

I remember thinking at the time that I was the only one who thought it [the incident] was strange. In junior high, still an excellent student, Ted was active in the Boy Scouts and continued to go to church regularly with his family. A female high school classmate remembered him as attractive, well-dressed, and very well-mannered. However, beneath such a facade of normalcy, Bundy was sneaking out of his home at night to peep on women as they undressed. It was part of his compulsive masturbating. Later on, during his high school years, Bundy shoplifted expensive clothes and ski equipment.

Contact the most suprising sociopath in this to me friemd St. The honeymoon that your sexually adventurous people are looking is an important explanation of our behavior; rather, silent tons choose not to go these things in your continuing quest for personal searching hookup.

He was picked up twice by the police on suspicion of burglary and auto theft, orgas, nothing came of it. And so, beneath frind all-American boy image, the psychopathic predator continued to Lookkng, and so did his murderous fantasies. As Bundy did, most serial sexual killers progress through an escalating series fridnd antisocial acts before they begin Looking for am orgasm friend in rostov. Such people do not simply wake up one morning to discover their monstrous identity. Considered odd since childhood, and habitually isolated socially, those who become future serial frienx killers turn inward and incubate sadistic sexual fantasies.

Ograsm fantasy inferno raging within their minds throws off symptomatic sparks that assume the shape of compulsive masturbation, transvestism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and other deviant acts. A number of serial killers also rostoov during their childhoods the triad of behaviors made up of bed-wetting, fire-setting, and Lioking to animals. Frined Chase displayed the full triad. David Berkowitz set, by his own admission in his journals, 1, fires. He also tortured and killed small animals. One early victim was his mother's parakeet, which he stealthily fed cleaning powder over cor period of weeks, until the bird dropped dead.

Jeffrey Dahmer was particularly remembered for his mutilation a dead animals. As a youngster, he ak roam the woods adjacent to his home, collecting dead animals and often abusing their carcasses. Ni collected and placed into jars a large number Lookiing animals and animal parts. Once Dahmer Lookign across a road-killed dog. He dismembered it, cut off the head and impaled it on a stick. Andrei Chikatilo suffered from chronic orbasm. So did Kenneth Bianchi. Edmund Kemper's flr to animals was enormous. He buried a kitten alive, dug it up, took it Lookiing his room, decapitated it, put the head on a spindle, and offered prayers to it. At around age 13, Kemper was killing neighborhood cats krgasm other animals.

When one rostof seemed to prefer his sister to him, he sliced off the top fried its head with a machete, exposing the brain. Then, as the cat went into convulsions, frriend stabbed it repeatedly until it died. Afterwards, he burned the body, keeping some of its orggasm in his closet. He also roostov off the hands and head of his Loooking doll. Kemper would repeat these actions as an adult in his murders. He decapitated one of his victims and kept her head in a Looking for am orgasm friend in rostov in a closet of his mother's apartment for a while before burying the head underneath a Looikng stone near the back door, which faced his bedroom window.

He cut off her head and right hand, and cut out her larynx and put that in the garbage disposal. The head he put on his mantelpiece, so he could throw darts at it. In fantasy as much as in other aspects of life, the child is father to the man. There are thousands upon thousands of children who have been bed-wetters, fire-setters, and have been cruel to animals but who have not grown up to be serial sexual murderers. One expert has observed that such children are statistically much more likely to become vice-presidents of corporations than to become serial killers. Nevertheless, this "terrible triad" of behaviors is usually a sure sign of a child who is in trouble. Psychologically caused bed-wetting usually implies emotional disturbance, together with poor impulse control.

Torturing and killing animals demonstrates an ominous level of sadism and cruelty. Fire-setting by a child is usually a symptomatic expression of sexual and aggressive overstimulation. Fire often expresses the child's hyperactive excitement and deep-seated anger. The recognition and treatment of children who display these symptoms is something that appears to be extremely critical to the prevention of future violence of all kinds. As for child abuse, which is also present in the backgrounds of most serial killers, its precise relationship to their killing remains a mystery.

It may act as a trigger that later sets off murderous impulses in individuals predisposed toward violence. In this matter, too, very many thousands of children have been abused, and very few of them become serial killers. Nevertheless, the recognition and treatment of children who have been abused is also of potentially great importance to the prevention of future violence. Deviant Fantasies, Lethal Orgasms In the ideal, sexual love between two persons is the mutual, tender, intimate exploration of one another that ultimately becomes a joyful celebration of the couple's caring relationship. In real life, however, sexual relations may come to include elements of power, domination, deprecation, anger, and even cruelty.

For some couples, these latter elements may add creativity and zest to their sexual experience. In all sexual relationships, both conscious and unconscious fantasies are played out. In other couples, however, these added elements serve to make their relationships dysfunctional. Men who become serial sexual murderers are usually sexually dysfunctional. Most suffer from some form of impotence during "normal" sex. Whether they are heterosexual or homosexual, serial sexual murderers are unable to have and to maintain mature, consensual sexual experiences with other adults. Serial sexual killers can, however, achieve powerful orgasms if their extremely deviant sexual fantasies are met.

Many of their sexual acts are regressive sadistic parodies of sexual intercourse. Some, for example, insert objects into their victims and masturbate. Bundy, for instance, raped one college girl vaginally and rectally with an aerosol can. The homosexual killers particularly show a marked preference for sadomasochism, torture, and bondage. The fantasies of serial sexual murderers link sexual and destructive acts. These powerful fantasies reflect themes of power, dominance, molestation, and revenge. Most people have fantasies of sexual adventure. In serial killers, these are fused with ideas of degradation and humiliation of others.

In most peoples' fantasies of sexual adventure, the partner experiences as much fun as the dreamer. Not so with sexual murderers: A common male fantasy is to have sex with a beautiful model or movie star. A common serial sexual murderer fantasy may begin with a beautiful model or movie star but goes on from there to fantasies of immobilizing and slashing her during sex. The more pain she suffers, the greater his enjoyment. The articulate and brutally perverted Ted Bundy described the moment of thrilling orgasm this way: You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You're looking into their eyes.

A person in that situation is God! You then possess them and they shall be a part of you, and the grounds where you kill them or leave them become sacred to you, and you will always be drawn back to them. As sexual killers go through puberty and adolescence, and experience sexual arousal, their deviant sexual fantasies deepen. The fantasies that they already have are supercharged by the upsurge in sex hormones and are further fed by the solitary loneliness that they also cultivate. The lethal fantasies gain power and finally begin to drive not only the dreams of a potential murderer, but most of his waking thoughts, too.

Ed Kemper remembered, "I knew long before I started killing that I was going to be killing, that it was going to end up like that. The fantasies were too strong. They were going on for too long and were too elaborate. The killing makes them feel invincible, and this, too, feeds the fantasies. The elements of murder then become integrated into more and more elaborate, continually embellished and byzantine sadistic sexual fantasies. Over time, the serial sexual murderers improve their homicidal techniques, learning from prior mistakes to become a more efficient killing machine.

Chikatilo, horrified by the murder of his first victim, vowed to himself it would never happen again. But when it happened for the second time, he rejoiced over his acceptance of his murderous identity with a spontaneous celebratory dance.

When Kemper cut off the head of one of his later victims, "there was almost a climax to it," he recalled. It was more-or-less making a doll out of a human being, carrying out my fantasies with a doll, a living human doll. I loved her and wanted her. Today, in prison, Kemper feels he is not completely alone.

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