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Check out the You Tube videos link below in our Video section to hear their responses to the experience. It seems that pantyhose is no longer considered the norm when it comes to appropriate work Pantyhoseriscussion. Modern Day Pantyhose It's true that the humble pantyhose line has improved over the years as we now see an extensive variety of fabrics ranging from nylon and smooth cottons to silky blends and warm winter wools. Air hostesses love their Lycra stockings for the sheer support they offer. Pantyhose torture is an avid subject that lots of women know about firsthand, as the debate about the heat of summer and pantyhose still rages on in many offices which have outdated archaic rules forcing their female employees to wear pantyhose in the summertime.

There's definitely nothing sexy going on here as sweaty nets are not sexy!

Vulgar out the You Ghost videos link below in our Prospective section to connect his responses to the world. Well, there may be something to be looking about that.

If it's going to cause the kind of sweaty discomfort that can result in a bad case of the female version of jock itch, a form of candida yeast infection usually for women then pantyhose is certainly a health hazard. Pantyhose made from Lycra blends are also fabulous as it increases the blood circulation in the legs which is beneficial to those women with careers that require a great deal of standing. Should women have to wear pantyhose to work? What do you think? This was not a movie. It's sometimes just plain too hot for pantyhose!

However do you do it? What About Men's Pantyhose?


Their verdict to the questions of- Is hosiery somehow a show of respect for the office? Countless women have finally decided that not only are pantyhose not elegant, but they are most definitely a huge fashion DON'T! Another gentleman, who was a real estate agent even showed a condo to a client wearing pantyhose under his khaki shorts.

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