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What must I have Jftrr travel? Non-command sponsored dependents are not authorized a safe haven allowance. Jan 1, most common TDY travel types as authorized by law for a uniformed member, DoD civilian employee and any C. If non-SOFA, will travelers be allowed into other countries? Temporary lodging can range from basic cots in a shared living area to traditional temporary billeting. Why is departure authorized? If pregnant, can I travel? They are not dependents, but can they travel?

What is interested departure. How will the survival be only. Depending on the fire, travelers may not have special to your loved extinction for short stays at the ISB so much carry-ons accordingly.

All travelers should have valid travel documents. Horses, fish, birds, and rodents are not authorized transportation. How will the transportation be provided? Medical requirements must be identified at the time family members sign up for relocation.

Escort Jftr

You may fly direct or be required to lay over several nights. Travelers should attempt to have valid travel documents. Please provide the following information: DoD will arrange transportation for DoD personnel and dependents. Relocation of hospitalized individuals will be coordinated by the local US military medical authorities.

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