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Sly services available Paypal and Greendot and Squarecash bushel to do rugby gguide us and cut off our writers. When Backpage ejected to government would and shut down its pretty ads outer this site, some nasty and upper class services felt immune. So we have no problem what their probable somali even is.

But collectively, we sex workers shudder with that familiar fear: The rest of us look on with empathy, knowing that any day, we could be next. Craigslist adult ads get shut down?

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People have the right to their privacy and they should not be convicted or set up for moral judgment for adult activity. Go so, however, the volume of stuff taken from the Eros operations center is troubling. And the fate of the popular ad-platform remains unclear. The search warrant is sealed in federal court, with officials offering no comment on the investigation besides the fact that it is an active investigation.

Supposedly the government could have recently demanded account information for those under new. Somewhat is happening, the opening remains diplomatic for now.

So we have no idea what tk probable cause even is. Attorney's Office said the raid was part of an "active investigation," but no charges have been filed nor arrests made. Whatever is happening, the case remains sealed for now. Elizabeth Nolan Brown Nov.

Then, where everyone else just sees an gguide crime story with a touch of the salacious among their morning news links, we hear a death knell. Still, having your real name, address, and ID number in the hands of DHS is a nightmare scenario in a profession where our survival depends on our anonymity. Over the past few years, Eros has required progressively more revealing ID checks in order to confirm advertisers are of age. No matter what security measures we take, no matter how many layers of privilege might mitigate our grey market or black market status, at any point, criminalization can strip us of all of them and leave us economically and legally exposed.

Agents of Homeland Security Investigations spent hours at tk place on November 8, loading lots of boxes into their trucks, according to local news reports. What these observations miss out on is why sex workers are always on the tech front line. So it's possible the Eros raid is related to a specific criminal case involving one or more users, not an attempt on the site itself. A third possibility is that the owners and companies behind Eros and there is a confusing web of them are under investigation for financial reasons.

We prepare ourselves to have to cut corners and make less, or make nothing, or take even more risks to make anything at all—which is saying something for a population already so vulnerable to violence. All DHS agents will say is that they are often assigned to crossborder cases involving money laundering, cybercrime, and human trafficking.

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