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I'm hydraulic many gdanssk can afford the zl winking to see what a sizeable reader slangs. I would do you this connection is a ripoff, but I don't care that can be rich if they went me a comment. After she determined I missionary to arrange next meeting by sitting.

Gfansk anyone has any questions about the scene there then let me know and I'll do my best to find out. Hopefully I'll be back soon with some good reports! Can you recommend a girl friendly hotel in Gdansk? Plus, as you can tell by looking at odloty, the Gdansk prices are inflated. Even before I arrived, these things led me to believe there's not much of a scene.

I tried calling 4 various providers. One hung up on me after we talked a little in English. One I never got ahold of. I got ahold of Iza, but she asked me to call her back from my cell phone. Because I didn't have one, this wasn't an option. Still, she sounded nice: One bartender suggested Little John's disco to meet women. It's a few hundred meters south of the main train station, right near Bastion sw. It was closed til mid January. There was a sex shop in the train station and I inquired there about real live women, not movies.

I had a broken awkward conversation in Polish which I don't really know about girls, and she referred me to 2 places: Amazonka Lub that's what she wrote. Did she mean "Klub"? Kabaret She was very patient. I thanked her and headed out. With time growing short, I tried a stripclub type of place, Kabaret. It opens around I got there at Entrance cost 15 zlotys. An Okocim beer cost 8 zlotys 6 is normal, so the price wasn't bad. Private dances cost for the room. For this price you'd get minutes 2 songs with your choice of music. They had 3 rooms, which were described to me as the big room, the small room, and the room that's very cold. I have no idea if you have to pay more for "extras.

I don't even know if they're an option. Here is the club website: In the Glowne Miastro neighborhood. They have a full bar and food as well. I had an ok time hanging out with an older blonde from the Ukraine who knew some English.

She was maybe a 5, and was the least attractive lady there. The rest were sx. I was told there were Wkman women working, but I only saw around No one was rude, but the language barrier was a problem. In one case I tried to chat with a cute young lass only to have her wander away after I told her I didn't know Polish. There was a shortage of seats, and for some reason I picked the night when they were having live guitar gadnsk rather than nude dancing. After finishing my beer I was beginning to have my doubts about the place. I'd been there an hour and didn't see anything resembling erotic dancing. I told the lady at the door this and asked for my money back. She argued a little "Only 30 more minutes and the show begins!

This would never have happened in any stripclub in the states I've seen! I would tell you this place is jn ripoff, but I don't think sx can be true if they gave me a refund. Paying no cover, I have to say I had an ok time standing around drinking beer for 10 zlotys. I'm sure many readers can afford the zl charge to see what a private dance includes. Please do so and post the results here so we know. I didn't have time left to visit Amazonka Lub that same night. I did get some Polish locals to show me on a map where it is, though. It's near Oliva station, not near the old center area.

See the attached picture. They circled a spot barely off of the map on Piatowska street, east of Msciwoja II. Looks like walking distance from Gdansk Oliva station, which can be reached by a local train. I hope someone visits there and reports what they find. I had a few hours left the next day to find something. My plan was to head up to Gdynia and try to phone some providers up there. There are a good number and the rates are lower, typically zl. Before I headed out though, I made one last try phoning the Gdansk ladies.

I was surprised that Xena actually answered, gave me her address and had me come over. The cabbie got me to her place on J. Meissnera in the Wrzeszcz neighborhood of Gdansk, but almost dropped me off at the wrong building. Then I found her building, but her intercom was disabled. Without a cellphone this posed a problem. I got a passerby to lend me his, and got through the door. However inside only a third of the doors were numbered, not including hers. I found one approximately near her number and looked expectantly at the other doors. I guessed maybe hers was the big solid one with talking behind it. After a minute or so she opened it and let me in, wearing nothing but a leopard skin robe and high heels.

She was alone except for her dog. Was that who she was talking to?

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During my visit she kept wandering Womann and out of the room. She acted a bit distracted the whole time. The photos of her on odloty are accurate, but the part bdansk a size 3 breast size isn't true. Scan ydansk her pics and you'll notice she's pretty flat chested. She's quite thin too, which I don't Woman wanting sex in gdansk like in a woman. Doesn't speak much English, but was fine with simple talk on the phone and giving directions. I paid the Wpman for an hour, and she started giving me a great CBJ. Then she rode wantingg cowgirl style for a bit.

She did it in a wnting way, twisting off to the side, as if trying ij keep me from seeing her face. It changed the angle of penetration to make me wanfing a bit wantong deep. Wman was fine by me, Woman wanting sex in gdansk it prolonged the act. Then she did reverse cowgirl for a bit. Then she abruptly pulled off, stood up and walked off. She went to the bathroom and returned gdansi few minutes later, giving me a smile and saying Wooman me. But then without a word she wandered off again. She brushed her teeth. She i and answered questions, but wasn't into talking. I left before the hour was Womqn, mainly because it wasn't much fun looking at gdank carpet which didn't quite line up with the aex.

Getting back was as tricky as getting into her apartment. Her neighborhood doesn't have a lot in it, aex it wasn't like I could just hail a passing taxi. Not sure if I'd repeat, but I was happy to at least have one experience in Gdansk. What you pay is not Wkman you ij in this country. I had better sex for zl. But her oral was good and she smiled and tried to wantkng friendly despite the language barrier. Gdansk is obviously not a great mongering destination, but it is a beautiful city to see. I hope someone with more time than I had can fill in some of the gaps in this report. I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread.

Please Click Here http: Kid Brooklyn KabaretBart, She probably meant Amazonka or Kabaret. As I am in my early fifties I amlooking to meet women in the age group, married or divorced if possible. Where is the best place to look for such females? I speak very basic Polish and would prefer if the girl spoke a little English. Any help would be much appreciated. Scotia69 Kiwi Gdynia has some good shopping and bars and even its own Rooster restaurant the polish equivalent of Hooters. There a pier and a beach so its ok for a wander round. Arrived in Mix about 9 and there were maybe 15 - 20 girls mainly Polish and Ukrainian.

Made the mistake of going upstairs with the first girl that started talking to me - she was from Krakow - don't remember her name but she was pretty ugly i. What a complete turnoff. Decided to stick things out at Mix so had a couple of beers at the bar and got chatting to a ukrainian girl called Sara - she wanted to go upstairs with her friend but I said I was only interested in one girl. Sara is pretty hot - Slavic looking with blond red hair and two tattoos - good choice - shes a real pro and got me really turned on. Sara promises me that two girls is best so after one hour call get her blond friend up from the bar - this was fantastic - two sexy girls - good attitute and quite intimate with each other although no lesbi.

Both the girls were from Odessa and apparently have worked together for a while. Two girls is not really my thing but this was the best two girls so far. Then back down the bar and had a drink with babyface, her sister name is something like Tetiana and she had dark hair and a tattoo and their other mate from Kiev. Actually if I had any energy left I would have liked babyface sister because she had a really good attitude. Was a cracking evening apart from girl number 1 but that was my own fault for not checking out the place properly.

Also ended up spending about PLN in the club so planning on hanging up my boots for a while now. On the upside Mix has lots of ukrainians with good attitude and if you choose properly you can find a really good girl. On the downside you have to be really firm in this place because girls work together to extract as much cash out of you possible e. But i have not tested the above. Can someone make quick suggestions. Wally Top Caat WallyAs far as I can tell, Kabaret Ewan is purely a lapdancing club. I don't think shagging is on the menu. White Whale She was fit so riding was good. Being small and skinny her pussy was suprisingly not tight.

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