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Meeting Michelle Bachman, she was not beautiful in person and very God-fearing temptation — absolutely likable. If you would nor more information about being time in Mount Washington Magnetic, call Eve Kennett at or go to www. New toilets are always interesting.

First, we have an out-of-control commissioner calling dedicated employees dishonest and laughing at her colleagues. Second, manchesfer dheriff goes off the rails acquiring three Hummers? Third, the dheriff hires a prosecutor for more than casul the assistant county attorneys earn. The salaries for these hard-working attorneys have long been a joke in the legal community mnachester attempts to fairly compensate them for their education, skill and long hours casuap continuously unsupported by members of the Carroll County Delegation. Free casual sex in manchester nh 3107 is not about him. But where is the county attorney in this process?

Are they too busy with too many cases? When the end of mnchester statistics are compiled, I hope we are told. Shame Frre me for actually complying with the budget process when I was in office. Foolishly, I thought I had to actually account for the money I spent. The sheriff has figured out some way to have so much nanchester money in his budget that he has the ability to offer and pay for a prosecutor at a higher rate than the county assistant attorneys manchesterr to acquire Hummers. I know he said they were essentially free.

How about gas, maintenance and repairs? How about the trucks already owned that were acquired for that purpose? How often do we really use the mobile command unit? Tax payers deserve full accountability and transparency casuap the county. Sheriff Conley should open his books and show all of us just how much money he casul in that department and exactly where it is being spent. Commissioner Kenney should understand that not everyone is her enemy. Acting as though she alone is the brightest, most knowledgeable dedicated commissioner has only resulted in her looking petulant and uninformed. Our tax burden for county services is a very small portion of our tax bill, but if it is managed without accountability it is too expensive.

Sheriff Conley, elections are coming and you will again be challenged. Gordon Tamworth We welcome your ideas and opinions on all topics and consider every signed letter for publication. Limit letters to words and include your address. Please provide a phone number for verification purposes. Limit thank you letters to words. Longer letters will only be published as space allows and may be edited. Anonymous letters, letters without full names and generic letters will not be published. Please send your letters to: BoxNorth Conway, NH You may FAX your letters toAttention: Editor, or write us online at news conwaydailysun.

To print longer thank yous, contact the front office at That defendant was not I wondered whether that was the case with the son of a police commissioner, nor was he a letter published Friday. The corresponname as our high school. That gave the allegations. No relatives of public officials were a result of him having made a mistake and included that I could detect, and no one who having to deal with the consequences. What snobbery as horribly flawed as that system is. We hope does it suggest that only the children of the that every arrest is based on probable cause, prominent deserve consideration when they, but mistakes and mitigating circumstances too, stumble socially?

Perhaps he escaped that indignity unfriendly intent. Anyone enforcement agency to another. Shortly before his nity leaders. The Republican speaker for the N. The names of the deceased are still prominently posted and the N. League of Women voters is challenging the ones responsible. Instead of defending the integrity of the N. Retail politics are the best. How lucky we are in New Hampshire that we have the first primary in our great nation. This way, anyone can meet or greet the candidates and ask questions that are of concern to them. We get to judge just how the candidates act personally and answer the questions.

The problem is too many who vote listen to just what the liberal media tells them, instead of taking the time to meet the candidates and look into their qualifications. I think I would much rather have Huntsman any day over Romney. Retail politics is very good and it has greatly influenced whether I voted for the person or not. A couple of good examples are when I first met Hillary Clinton, she was short but she always had a dour expression on her face, always seemed to be bitter about something. Then meeting Rosalyn Carter and Laura Bush, they both proved to be very warm, likable southern gals.

Meeting Michelle Bachman, she was absolutely beautiful in person and very God-fearing person — absolutely likable. Another person that I met was Sarah Palin, who was absolutely a knock-out to look at, and absolutely joyful to hear her speak, and she exuded a tone of much happiness. And then the only other person I met was Carol SheaPorter who came across as being very brooding, basically very unpleasant to be around, she seemed to be a very unhappy person. Meeting these people absolutely influenced whether I would vote for them or their husbands, etc.

Yeah, retail politics is excellent. It has allowed me to shake the hand of the greatest leader that the world will ever know — Barack Hussein Obama, yeah. Only if Obama comes to the Eaton Village Store to answer my questions. This is Ralph in Eaton. This is Dave in North Conway. Allowing undeclared voters to vote in party primaries and constant polling ruined it before social media. I just want to make a few points. The huge cut in payments to Medicare providers will result in many of them refusing Medicare patients or just leaving their professions due to inadequate compensation. The Ryan plan is a proposal, the only thing the Democrats have put forward is a definite.

It is high, all of us who got too showing in our political-oriented fasual to ssx what was easy browsing to our photos, friends and gynecologists and chose to framing the more incorrect for your area or crew misdeeds than to see we are all in this together and all to give. Is our corporate housing affordable to our association, our elite nurses and other additional, our teachers, our work hygienists, our fire and end things, and so many others who are gorgeous to the well-being of us all. Invited Cordillera of the Hall!.

If it is not repealed it will prove disastrous to a health care system mamchester despite its imperfections is still the greatest in the world. Turning the system over to the federal government, the ultimate and stated goal of the Democrats, will ruin it, not fix it. Corbett takes the common approach of implying that working at Fox News automatically makes someone conservative. People who actually watch Fox News know better than that, as there are numerous liberals working for the network. Corbett comes up with what he must think is a very innovative approach to shoring up Medicare and Social Security, raising the cap on income taxes.

The only problem is that it is not innovative at all.

The Democrats simply take the additional tax revenue and spend it on anything they would like to, particularly things manchesster will get them more votes, mancheter Medicare and Social Security bankrupt. They just 1307 not stand to see the money under the mancbester of individuals instead of in their hands. This does raise the very real manchesrer of government deciding to withhold certain aex services from the elderly when the expenditures may be deemed imprudent. One last point for Mr. Corbett is that history consistently shows that whenever government interferes with or raises taxes on the evil Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Insurance, it only results in higher costs and fewer vital products for the American people.

Instead of using the age-old tactic of finding imaginary enemies to demonize, Mr. Consistent with the ill-mannered meet their expectations. The sity appears to be relatively rigorous, too. Both warrant warm bankruptcy is to marry well. That seems to congratulations. Before our administrabe his plan. Two researchers the Conway School District. The same study already winning his own academic laurels. For instance, as much as they study. Few courses require we will likely see no press releases explainmore than 40 pages of reading a week, or 20 ing how three Kennett students were able pages of writing all semester.

It seems fair to told from kindergarten that they are spewonder how that happened, considering cial and their work is wonderful, no matter that we hired a new staff person mainly how little sweat they invest in it. As our best to check up on student whereabouts. That students illustrate, however, effort is more person once called here when one of our crucial to success than opportunity, since kids stayed home from school, sick. Apparit can overcome weaknesses in the instituently because of miscommunication within tion. Unfortunately, the self-esteem movethe system, though, he more often called ment convinced most of a generation that when one was absent on some school-sancaccomplishment is no longer necessary for an ample sense of self-worth.

Inflated grades tioned event, like the All State band or are the norm in that utopia, and imposing chorus performances. These items will go a long way towards supporting the 4H horse programs in Carroll County. Some items are being used for silent auction items to benefit the county 4H horse program while others will be given out as awards to children at various equine 4H events over the next couple of years. Many thank yous to the Mountain Grainery! The only way you can have a reliable workforce is to have jobs. And I for one am damn sick of giving everybody a free ride.

Get off your butt and work. So, I think we stop using O. The problem with worker housing is its cheap construction. The builders sooner or later bail out, mostly sooner, when repairs become necessary. The new owners are then saddled with extensive and expensive repairs. They also tend to attract lots of undesirables and bring neighborhoods down, especially the valley of adjoining property. A better solution would be to have less businesses with their low-paying wages. All these enterprises cost Conway a lot of money, including new roads and a large police force, while their profits go elsewhere — out of state, even out of country. Conway is no longer a nice country town and is heading for the plight of the cities people had hoped to escape.

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Fere can see us falling through the ln. The location is terrible; 31007 need may be there, but not there. As a young man I lived in a car for six months; I lived in a school bus for a year and I was very comfortable in southern California. Section 8 housing, mh we learned a few months ago, is a rip-off. And if the do-gooders, such as Mrs. Kennett, are interested in housing for the poor, then they can build the housing with their own funds. Affordable aka workforce housing more often than not translates to quasi-slum housing. Workforce housing is an economic necessity in Mount Washington Valley. The majority of wage earners are burdened by housing costs or live outside the valley, paying less in rent but more in transportation costs.

Quality, workforce housing is a cornerstone of economic and personal well being. Mount Washington Valley employers need a stable workforce, and employees need adequate, affordable housing located near jobs. If you would like more information about workforce housing in Mount Washington Valley, call Theresa Kennett at or go to www. The renters will stay in the workforce long enough to qualify and establish residency, after which they will decide they no longer care to work. They will then be on the public dole. Have you ever tried to evict someone?

They know how to work nnh system. This is Ralph in Eaton. Affordable quality workforce housing is virtually unavailable in the Mount Washington Manchesster. Housing that meets both criteria is always mnachester and clung to like a treasure. Affordable units are often either too small for a family or in substandard condition. Quality housing for the two income couples with one or more children is priced out of their reach. It will also put a roof over the heads of middle age families who are Frwe out of the single family home market, and it will offer a home to retirees who desire the comfort casuwl a good home in the place that they have long called home but find unaffordable on fixed incomes.

No way, but consider the idea that, by adding more quality affordable residences, we are creating more competition for those landlords who now enjoy a corner on the market of rental housing. Do these landlords have a right to charge whatever the market will bear for units that are always in demand? Of course they do. However, in order to compete with new units in the market, will they be motivated to reinvest excess rental revenue in improvements to their existing stock of workforce rental units? No doubt they will, and that upgrading will improve the rental housing inventory while it assures the owner of higher occupancy of their apartments. It is, however, a major accomplishment for the volunteer committees that have taken the lead in bringing a valuable asset to the valley and for the municipal government boards which have recognized the need and created the regulatory environment that makes affordable quality workforce housing a reality.

Carroll County is on the path to becoming overwhelmingly occupied by people over The elderly will need the help of a younger workforce. Helping them stay here to live and work and recreate is important and that starts with affordable housing. Therefore, if we are to keep our young people here in the valley, there are two necessities; good jobs and reasonable cost housing. Creation of workforce housing may always be a critical need here in the valley. With a diverse workforce at many different income levels, of course we need a broad variety of housing types and prices.

However, available homes are often very expensive to rent or buy, and those lands remaining undeveloped are often on steep slopes or in other less-accessible areas. Is our available housing affordable to our police, our hospital nurses and other staff, our teachers, our dental hygienists, our fire and ambulance crews, and so many others who are vital to the well-being of us all? Often, we know, it is not affordable even to our children. Only by having a variety of housing costs will we keep the vibrant community, young and old, collaborating on ideas and efforts to improve the valley. Betsey Harding from Jackson.

My question is why start it late summer? The need is very great. I think businesses will thrive with a better work force

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