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Wags and Wings Family Fun & Oktoberfest to benefit Clarksville Humane Society

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The land was available to be settled by the families of eligible soldiers as repayment of service to their country. The development and culture of Clarksville clarosville had an ongoing interdependence between the citizens of Tennesser and the military. Clarksvills formation of the city is associated with the end of the American Flr War. Clarksville also lost many native sons during World War I. Soldiers from Fort Campbell, Kentucky have deployed in every military campaign since the formation of the post. In OctoberCol. Montgomery, and Weakley had the choice tennessee lots for his thf.

He selected Lot 20 at the northeast corner of Spring and Main Streets. The town consisted of 20 'squares' of lots and 44 out loooing. Weakley built the first cabin there in Januaryand about February or March, Col. Montgomery came there and had a cabin built, which was the second house in Clarksville. It was the second town to be founded in the area. The tobacco trade in the area was growing larger every year and inMontgomery and Martin Armstrong persuaded lawmakers to designate Clarksville as an inspection point for tobacco.

When Tennessee was founded as a state on June 1,the area around Clarksville and to the east was named Tennessee County. This county was established inby North Carolina. Later, Tennessee County would be broken up into modern day Montgomery and Robertson counties, named to honor the men who first opened up the region for settlement. Bythe town realized the need for an educational institution, and it established the Rural Academy that year. It was later replaced by the Mount Pleasant Academy. Bythe newly established town had 22 stores, including a bakery and silversmith. Insteamboats begin to navigate the Cumberland, bringing hardware, coffee, sugar, fabric, and glass.

Trade via land also grew as four main dirt roads were established, two to Nashville, one crossing the Red River via ferry called the Kentucky Roadand Russellville Road. Nine years later, the Clarksville- Hopkinsville Turnpike was built. Railroad service came to the town on October 1, in the form of the Memphis, Clarksville and Louisville Railroad.

The line would later connect with other railroads at Paris, Tennessee and Guthrie, Kentucky. By the start of the Civil Warthe combined population of the city and the county was 20, Planters in the area depended on slavery for the labor-intensive tobacco industry, one of the major commodity crops. Inboth Clarksville and Montgomery County voted unanimously for the state to secede and join the Confederate States of America. Both sides considered the city to be of strategic importance. Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston set up a defense line around Clarksville expecting a land attack. The city was home to three Confederate States of America Army camps: Camp Boone located on U.

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There were no Confederate soldiers to contend with because they had left prior to the arrival of the ships. White flags 15yh over Ft. Defiance and over Ft. The citizens of the town who could get away, left as well. Before they left, Confederate soldiers tried to burn the railroad bridge that crossed the Cumberland River. The fire did not take hold and was put out before it could destroy the bridge. This railroad bridge made Clarksville very important to the Union. The USS Cairo tied up in Clarksville for a couple of days before moving on to participate in the capture of Nashville.

Between andthe city would shift hands, but the Union retained control of Clarksville, including control of the city's newspaper, The Leaf Chronicle, for three years. Many slaves who had been freed or escaped gathered in Clarksville and joined the Union Armywhich created all-black regiments. It was believed to have started in a Franklin Street store. It seated more than people. Less than two years later, inthe theater burned down. It was rebuilt later that year. Also during this time, women's suffrage was becoming a major issue. Clarksville women saw a need for banking independent of their husbands and fathers who were fighting.

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The s brought additional growth to the city. A bus line between Clarksville and Hopkinsville was established in In two more theaters were added, the Majestic with seats and the Capitol with seats. John Outlaw, a local aviator, established Outlaw Field in It was capable of holding 23, troops, and as staffing built up, the base gave a huge boost to the population and economy of Clarksville. Downtown, the Lillian was renamed the Roxy Theater, and today it still hosts plays and performances weekly. The Roxy has been used as a backdrop for numerous photo shootsfilmsdocumentariesmusic videos and television commercials ;[ citation needed ] most notably for Sheryl Crow 's Grammy-award-winning song " All I Wanna Do.

Dunbar Cave is the most prominent of several caves located in this designated natural area. In the roomy mouth of the cave, square dances, radio shows, and big band era concerts were once held. To serve the community by providing a safe and functional airport for air related business to flourish on and about the airport facilities. To further serve the community by providing an opportunity for efficient air movement of people and products to and from the Clarksville, Montgomery County, and Fort Campbell, KY areas. Located in the heart of historic downtown Clarksville, Tennessee, the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center is the State's second largest general museum.

With over 35, square feet of the region's best hands-on activities and special events…people of all ages agree — the Customs House Museum is well worth the stop! The Looking Glass has been graded five stars by Orbitz and Yahoo. Inthe "Leaf Chronicle" stated the "Looking Glass" is the best restaurant in town. There is a full staff for three shifts, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every morning, the staff arrives and starts all over again dedicated to preparing delicious food and making customers happy.

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