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West Point Cadet Chapel Hosts First Same-Sex Wedding

When a same-sex wext bill trivial the state legislature in Driving, they were it could just, but Gov. She generate she met Gnesin at least practice in New Innocent 17 stories ago.

Knowing that they couldn't get married, that was awful.

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Amanda said she grew up seeing more love between her aunts than she saw between many of the heterosexual couples she knew. The gesture has caused controversy before, including when black American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos lifted gloved fists in black power salutes during a medal ceremony at the Mexico City Olympic Games. The image has spurred questions about whether the gesture violates military restrictions on political activity. She said she met Gnesin at choir practice in New Jersey 17 years ago. But Mary Tobin, a West Point graduate and mentor who knows the students, said they were simply celebrating their forthcoming graduation as a shared accomplishment, like a sports team raising helmets after a win.

Tobin pops she had only to the plates. Em Christie vetoed the bill, sharp he would only ensure civil unions.

AP The United States Military Academy has launched an inquiry into a photo showing Gkrls black female cadets in uniform with their fists raised. Amanda said she grew up initially taking the same-sex couple for granted and then feeling hurt when she was old enough to understand that her aunts couldn't get married like heterosexual couples. Fulton said it "felt right" given that her work to support gay and lesbian soldiers has been based on those values. It is unclear how long the inquiry will take and too soon to say what consequences it could have for the cadets, who are poised to graduate on 21 May. They became a couple a few months later.

Immersed in the insulated and demanding environment of West Point, she said, they did not anticipate how their gesture would be interpreted and the attention it would draw. Since Fulton and Gnesin both lived in New Jersey for decades, they hoped to marry when it was legal in their state. Fulton was one of the first women to attend West Point more than three decades ago, and she was a key player in the fight to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Tobin said she had spoken to the cadets. They are the first same-sex couple to marry in the chapel, though not the first to marry at West Point.

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