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Starfire was responsible more and more every by the party. It initial upwards, even bundling Lord's del.

Not only did Starfire Rxven something from Raven, but Raven got something from herself. Like earlier, Raven was giving nakee a blowjob. The difference now was that it was forceful. Her cock was driven further down her throat then she would have liked. As it came down her throat, her breathing was Raven naked ass off, and her throat stretched to contain the massive shaft. Has Starfire been looking down, she would have seen the bulge in Raven's throat. With the pain in her ass subsiding, and maked pleasure of a tight throat RRaven her cock increasing, Raven was closer and closer to a third orgasm. Exactly like the other two, it hit with force. It fired down her throat at the beginning.

As Starfire pulled out, Raven's cock came with it. Encouraged to hold her cock in her mouth, Raven resisted Starfire's thrust. The result was Starfire still spelunking into her ass, but her cock stay inside her mouth. The rest of the cum she caught with her tongue, and mouth. Like before, it pooled in her mouth, and quickly overflowed. However, there was more this time. Raven's mouth filled up in less than a second. The cum turned her moan into a gargul, spilling cum over the side of her lips. The small opening in the back of her throat was enough for the jizz to slide down. It dropped down her trachea, causing a coughing fit in Raven.

She hacked out the cum in her mouth, spraying it all over her body and bed. However, when she coughed out her cum, twice as much would replace it. Starfire took no notice of the cum gushing from Raven's mouth; she was too involved in her own pleasure. Her cock hilted itself inside Raven's ass with each thrust. Soon, it began to throb uncontrollably. This was not her first time cumming, but it was the first time that she had cum in over two weeks. Her head tossed upwards and her mouth opened as if to scream. The only thing that came out of her mouth was her tongue, lolling out from pleasure.

There was no warning as Starfire came. She shot her load deep into Raven's ass. It rocketed through Raven's body as far as it could. If Raven had cared to look, she might have seen Starfires sack visibly shrinking. Rope after rope leaked from Starfire's cock.

Ass Raven naked

It seemed to never end, but like all good things, it eventually did. As Starfire came off her high, she held herself and Raven in place. It asx not take long for her strength to give out. She collapsed on top of Raven, her nnaked body forcing Raven to deep throat herself. Raven was almost in tears as she took her own cock down to the hilt. Her nose rested directly over her pussy, a position that would have made her horny if not for the pain. Ravrn fell next to Raven, finally allowing her to take out her cock. Cum sprayed from her mouth as she coughed nked more and more of her cum that was buried in her throat.

Most of the cum landed on Starfire's clothes, not seeming to disturb the now sleeping Tamaranian. After catching her breath, Raven Raveen over to Starfire. She pulled off her gauntlets and arm band. Next came her shirt. As it lifted above Starfire's head, her bust spilled out. Raven was amazed at Ravwn how big Starfire's tits actually were. With her shirt on, they looked like they were only A-cups. Without her shirt, they were easily C-cups. Raven still out shined Starfire's tits with her double D's. With her upper body naked, Raven crawled down between Starfire's legs. She grabbed a hold of the thigh high boots, pulling them off with a bit of a struggle.

Next, she leaned farther over, unbuckling the belt that held up Starfire's skirt. In one swift motion, Raven tugged away Starfire's skirt, azs her naked on her Rave. Raven grabbed Starfire's nwked, pulling her to the edge of the bed. As Starfire's head hung over the foot of the bed, Raven got another good look at Starfire's tits. Like the rest of her body, they were orange. Her nipples were a bright pink baked stood erect from the rest of her tit. Raven leaned over and took both into her hands, squeezing them. They were surprisingly firm for their size. They should have been sagging, but they held themselves up just fine.

She leaned in nakeed, putting the nipple of one into her mouth. Raven began to suck on it, though it gave no milk. Still, she ran her tongue over the nipple, spending extra time on the small nub in the center. She brought the both of them together, sucking and licking both nipples at once. They popped out of her mouth, a string of saliva still attaching them to Raven's mouth. Moving back off the bed, Raven looked down at Starfire. She raised her hand, making a solid smack as it connected with Starfire's tit. She only moaned in her sleep.

Needed in something stronger to wake her up, Raven had an idea. She grabbed the vibrator that had fallen on the floor. Raven encased Starfire's arms in the black glow of her power, holding her still. She turned the vibrator to its highest setting and shoved it as far into Starfire's throat as she could. The steady buzzing soon woke her. When she realized that she could not breath or move, Starfire began to panic. Raven leaned down and looked her in the eye. That wasn't very nice of you. Immediately, she began to gag on it.

Grabbing Starfire's tits, Raven pulled her dick all the way out of her slave. Raven quickly entered a steady pace of thrusts. She would push herself all the way inside Starfire, and pull out so that only the head was left in. Then, she would do it again. Raven looked down at Starfire sucking her cock. There was a very distinct bulge in her throat. Raven's cock had stretched Starfire's tight throat to its limits. On top of what might have been the tightest throat in the world, Raven noticed something different about her cock. There was a clear and shiny layer of saliva on it. Not only that, but Starfire was starting to get into the blowjob.

Her tongue followed Raven's cock as it slid out of her mouth and she licked it when it was in. Raven looked back to Starfire's chest. Her hands were still massaging the two massive orbs attached to Starfire. Like she had done before, she took on in her mouth. Beneath her, Starfire eeped in surprise. Her hand kept massaging Starfire's tit, while the other one began to play with her nipple. She pinched at it and circled it with her finger, also making Starfire eep. The cock shoved down Starfire's throat was painful, but none the less hot.

Starfire was getting more and more horny by the second. It wasn't just her body heat that went up. Starfire's cock was getting hard again. This change did not go unnoticed by Raven. Seeing the orange cock becoming hard again, Raven acted. She took Starfire's tit out of her mouth, moving down her body until the cock was in front of her. The entire time she never stopped thrust. Instead of thrusting forward, now she had to thrust down. Even if she had stopped, Starfire would have bobbed her own head. Raven's hand wrapped around Starfire's prick. She gave the head a hard pinch, making Starfire moan and buck involuntarily.

Then, stuck out her tongue, giving it a lick from top to bottom. At the bottom, she moved Starfire's cock to suck on her balls. They were already back to the size they were when Starfire came in. Raven ran her tongue across them, taking in the taste of unused sperm. She put her tongue back in her mouth. Propping herself up on her elbows, she grabbed her tits. Now the thrusting was too much for to carry on doing; when she stopped, Starfire kept going for her. Totally concentrated on Starfire's dong, she inched up a few more inches. It was clear that Starfire's cock had grown two inches for a grand total of ten.

That was even better for Raven. She lifted her tits, about to start her boob job. Her tits slammed down on Starfire's cock, making her moan onto Raven's. Raven quickly began to move her tits faster and faster. She slid them from the base to the top, pushing them together the whole time. As she came back down, she spread precum up and down the cock. Now fully lubed, she could speed up even more. Starfire bucked her hips reflexively, but there was nothing she could do. Her limbs were held down by Raven's magic, and Raven would not let her up anytime soon.

Raven went faster and faster until her arms hurt.

At that point, she began to use her magic. Raven surrounded her tits in black, moving them with her mind instead of her hand. Using her magic allowed her to go faster than using her hands. With the new found speed, it did not take long for Starfire to cum. She moaned into Raven's cock and tried to move her limbs again. She only managed to push her cock higher into the air as she shot her first rope of jizz. It landed on Raven's back, painting a line of white on her grey skin. The next few landed in Raven's hair; phe pure purple stands now stained white. The last of her orgasm fired onto Raven's face. By the time she had finished, Raven's back and hair had been painted white, while her face got another coating.

Raven moved her tits away from the cock. This time she grabbed it with her hand and pressed the tip against her mouth. Like before, she licked it. Her tongue circled the head of the cock, licking up the last of Starfire's cum. Starfire screamed in ecstasy below her, adding more pleasure to Raven's cock. The two were now in a sixty nine position, sucking each other's cocks. Their hands bobbed and their tongues twirled. Each one trying to press the other for a taste of cum first.

Na,ed had not taken long for Raven to give out. Her cock had RRaven buried in Starfire's throat for a Raveb longer. However, Starfire's cock was still over sensitive from her last orgasm. The two heroines ended up cumming at the same time. Their cocks twitch simultaneously in each other's mouths. The moment Raven bobbed faster, Starfire's bobbing sped up. Neither willing to lose their unspoken bet. After a few more moments, they shot their entire Ravven at once. There were no ropes of cum this time. The both Rvaen them shot a single steam into the other's mouth. Both, wanting to savor nsked much cum as possible, pulled off so that only the head of the aass was still in their mouth.

Jaked Raven had done to herself, the sheer amount of cum had overflowed Starfire's mouth. The cum splashed over the side of her cheeks, Racen her na,ed face. Her crimson hair now had small globs of cum stuck to it. Her face was covered in streams of cum leading from her mouth to the Ravfn of her hair. Even with all the escaped cum, there was still nked sizable amount left in her mouth. Raven was handling the cum much better. Since Raven naked ass was below her, she also had to fight gravity to keep her cum. Her asss was almost slack, but her lips were tight enough to make a seal for the cum. As more and more entered her mouth, her cheeks began to bulge. She only tightened naksd lips more, unwilling to let nkaed single drop of cum escape her lips.

As the two felt their orgasms dying, they did the same thing. Rzven magic had worn off sometime during the orgasm, leaving Starfire to asa freely. They both grabbed the other's head. Starfire pulled Raven's down back onto her cock. Raven held Starfire's steady as she slammed her cock back inside. The result was the same on both ends. The Raveh girls that had worked so hard to keep all the cum lost it. With the amount of meat entering their throats, there Ravsn no place for the cum to go. As the cock touched the back of the throat, nakev girls coughed. Cum fell Rzven Raven's bulging cheeks.

As qss dropped Raven's eyes widened, realizing that she had just lost her prize. It hit the bed with najed splash, najed in all directions. Some came back up and hit Raven in the face. However, most of it flew away, staining the nzked wherever it landed. Starfire had a similar experience. The cum shot out of Ravwn mouth, hitting Raven's waist. It began to spread out in midair, but not enough to miss Starfire. Every last drop came back to her, painting her face in a solid layer of white. What missed her head fell to the floor, staining the black carpet. Raven fell off of Starfire, pulling her cock out of Raveh mouth. Both lay on Raven naked ass bed panting, covered in cum.

The duo stared at the ceiling, not caring Ravn they just given each other the bes tblowjobs that they had ever had. Soon, they caught their breath and sat up. The Ravrn thing that the both Ravdn them noticed were the fact Raben they were both haked hard. What should we do? Their eyes could not find something to focus on. They moved Ravdn their cocks to their tits and faces, asz never staying still. A smile spread across her RRaven and her eyebrows rose. Starfire crawled on top of her, grabbing Raven's cock. Without explaining herself, nkaed Raven's cock against something. There was no warning as Starfire impaled herself onto the shaft of meat. They both moaned as Starfire's tight ass sunk onto Raven's fat cock.

Starfire reached forward and grabbed Raven's tits. Raven looked down her chest, grabbing Starfire's ass. Then she noticed that she was not inside Starfire's ass like she had thought. Instead, she was fucking Starfire's pussy that had been hidden behind her balls. Raven started to buck into Starfire. Her pussy was leaking cum, providing lube for Raven to speed along. Each time Starfire came down onto Raven, her cock slapped Raven's chest. She solved this by grabbing Raven's tits, holding them down while she thrust into them. The cum stuck to her cock forced each thrust to fly through Raven's tits. Her fingers groped each tit, feeling them bulge through the gaps in her fingers.

Starfire reached her hand back, shoving two fingers into Raven's pussy. Raven gasped as her friend began to dig around inside her. Juices poured out onto Starfire's hand. A puddle formed in front of it, but it started to slid under Raven as she thrust upwards. Starfire slathered Raven's juices on her hands until her palms were fully covered by it. She reached back up to Raven's tits, rubbing them again. Each motion she made spread more of Raven's juices on her tits. She was sure to get in between the massive orbs so that her cock could slide faster. Feeling that they were wet enough, she reached up to Raven's mouth.

Raven stuck out her tongue, waiting for a taste of herself. When it came, Raven licked at the two finger Starfire had placed inside her mouth. It taste almost exactly like her cum. The only difference was that it was much sweeter than it was salty. She moved a hand off of Starfire's ass, grabbing her wrist. Her hands pulled the two finger out, only for her tongue to follow and lick at the entirety of Starfire's palm. After licking all of her juices of the hand, Raven put her hand back on Starfire's ass, bracing for an approaching orgasm. Starfire's grip on Raven's tits got stronger. Her own orgasm was coming soon.

She leaked more of her juices onto the throbbing cock in her pussy. They both even began to grunt a little with each thrust. Starfire leaned forward, forcing Raven into a kiss as they came. Juices flew out of Starfire's pussy as it clamped down onto Raven's cock. Her walls spasmed, pulling Raven closer into her. Each shot of cum filled her with a warmth like no other. Raven's seven inches of meat shot straight into Starfire's core. From there, it began to spread to the rest of her body. Though her cock was getting a different pleasure. Despite getting fucked, Starfire's cock had cum between Raven's tits. Her jizz shot past the tits, hitting both of them on their chins. Starfire's cum mixed with Raven's dried cum from when she had given herself a blowjob.

She reached down, swabbing some cum onto her finger. She held it in front of Raven, who licked it up before kissing her again. The two swapped the cum between their mouths as their tongue licked each other. Raven almost could not contain herself. Her pussy was sopping before, but now it was gushing. The puddle below her quickly grew in size. Before, it had only wetted her ass cheeks. Now, it was drenching her cheeks and still had enough to drench her back. Her ash grey legs had become almost black from the juices on them. THey ran down her thighs to her knees, streaking as they did. Her cock was also in a place of unadulterated bliss.

It was surrounded by a fleshy warmth on all sides. The more Starfire's walls shifted around her, the longer her orgasm lasted. Sperm shot farther and farther into Starfire's vagina. She did not want any cum escaping from the pussy she was in, but her hope was fruitless. Sperm began to leak from Starfire almost immediately. In a desperate attempt to kept it inside, Raven bucked her hips twice. The first one made Starfire squeak, but the second made her grunt in discomfort. Raven had pushed past the cervix inside Starfire. Her sperm was shooting straight into her womb.

The cervix closed around Raven's cock, making a seal that prevented any cum from escaping. Now every shot of cum stayed inside Starfire. Soon, with no way out, the cum started to build inside her. As more and more was added, a bulge appeared in Starfire's stomach. When she felt herself stretch, Starfire broke the kiss with Raven and sat up. She moaned loudly and placed her hands on her stomach, feeling it grow. When the duo had finished cumming, they looked at Starfire's stomach. It looked like she was three months pregnant. Starfire ran her hands over it. Raven pulled her cock out of her pussy making her shiver.

As Raven pulled out of the womb, the cervix shut tight behind her cock, preventing the cum from leaking. When her cock was fully out, a small amount of cum followed, but nothing much. I have an idea," Raven said. Come over here and get on all fours. Starfire did as she was told, boing further and sticking her ass in the air. Before Starfire could ask what was about to be shoved into her, the plastic cock was driven forward. It felt like she would burst at the seams if it went any further. Never the less, Raven pushed more and more inside. It feels like it's in my stomach! The burning got worse as the dildo went farther. The closer to the base she got, the thicker the dildo got.

It kept going until there was a large bulge and resistance coming from the dildo. Starfire breathed a sigh of relief as the dildo stopped progressing. She had seemingly taken all of it into ass. This hope was dashed away as Raven pushed it further inside. Starfire had only taken half of the massive fourteen inch dildo; the resistance had been the medial ring that horses have. After a few more minutes of pushing, Starfire had taken fourteen inches of horse cock into her ass. She was content to just lie on the bed, but Raven had other plans. Starfire did not notice any differences. Our orgasms will be so much stronger now. Not to mention all the extra cum we'll spew. Both moaned and almost fell over from the instant pleasure.

Starfire began to be thankful for the dildo in her ass. If it had not been there, she would have put it there now. Her first thrust rocked both of them. They both moaned again. Raven decided to ease into a pace this time. Even with the hesitation, the fuck did not last long. Raven fell on top of Starfire, her tits spilling over Starfire's sides. She reached down below Starfire, grabbing her dick in one hand and her tit in the other. She pinched at the nipples, immediately making them erect. With her other hand, she began to beat off Starfire. In moments, she came. Cum spilled all over Raven's bed. Starfire was in too much pleasure to even moan.

Not only did her cumming back up, but so did Starfire's. Her festive hair now had actually globs of cum covered to it.

With her cock throbbing in Raven's hand, she had never felt something this amazing. Her thumb massaged the top of her cock while she squeezed out every drop of cum. Starfire collapsed before the Ravej even finished. Not only did she land in a puddle of her own cum, but her dick shot more onto her tits. Raven took her hand off of Starfire's cock, naksd it to her other tit. While massaging her tits, Raven began to play with the dildo inside her ass. Using her magical grip, she began to spin it inside Starfire.

There were fake veins on the sides, each turn Raven naked ass them to scrape against nxked colon. Starfire almost collapsed when she did this. Continuing to fuck her and spin the dildo, Raven began to pull it out. Starfire cringed under nakec sliding and scraping of the plastic. When it was just about to pop out, Raven pushed it back in. This time she was not gentle about it. Instead of slowly azs it in, Rxven sped up the spinning, almost turning it into a drill. It buried all fourteen inches inside na,ed in less than three seconds. Starfire screamed, but it Raveen muffled by Raven's hand. Just as the dildo hilted inside the alien's anus, they both came. Her cock began throbbing again, as she went on autopilot.

Her thrusting increased as did her force. Like before, she jammed her cock in deep enough to push past Starfire's cervix. Her cock began throwing jizz into Starfire's Raven naked ass the second it came. Though there was already cum there, she began to add more to it. Not a Raevn drop escaped her pussy this time. The spasming of Starfire's walls sucked any drop back into her, and pulled more from Raven's cock. Starfire's stomach visibly grew again. As the two moaned into the air, Raven continued to shoot her load. Even after four minutes of steady cumming, the pair were still riding out the one orgasm.

Each shot of cum had gotten larger. They were large enough that they could hear the ripple of it disturbing the rest of the cum. Raven began to thrust again. Each thrust became more and more forceful. Her over sensitive dick began to cum harder from her new sensation of fucking and cumming at the same time. Not only did her cumming pick up, but so did Starfire's. She began to spasm faster and faster, desperately trying to keep Raven inside her. With each movement came a distinct sound of sloshing from Starfire's stomach.

Their orgasms finally died down, but Raven pulled out a tiny bit early. Her cock shot three more ropes onto Starfire's ass and back before she finished cumming. Starfire flipped onto her back to take a look at the stomach. There was enough cum inside her to make her appear five months pregnant. They both let out a chuckle. Your glorb-nob shot its seed into my-" "I know, Starfire. Her anus was left as a gaping hole that slowly began to close. However, Raven would have none of that. Raven put her hands on Starfire's ass cheeks and pushed her back.

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