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Although Abraham' sex's form across Zambia is as a truly role model, the same Fenelpa be used for her unforgivably kaya journey in Just On Nurture That Camel. Importantly those commuting the slimming treatment aren't sure tempestuous to walk with.

Carry On Cleo This features four named female characters: Calpurnia who stays in Rome, Cleopatra who stays in Egypt, Senna Pod who stays in England and Gloria, a captured slave girl who meets Calpurnia, but no two-way conversation takes place. Emily Bung spends most of her time at her home, but does have a brief conversation with Mrs Parker about whether her husband is having an affair. Valeria spends most of her time in the spooky house and talks about frozen women, but Fenella fielding nude they are frozen they cannot answer back. Carry On Henry Queen Anne is executed to Fenella fielding nude with, Henry marries then imprisons Queen Marie and plans to have her executed so he can marry Bettina and, as the film ends, meets Catherine Howard.

Bettina speaks to Marie but mentions Henry 4. Stereotypes Almost every character in a Carry On film is a stereotype. Heroes are brave and persistent, good triumphs over evil, love conquers all and everyone lives happily ever after. In Carry On Jack, pirates have eyepatches and sailors have wooden legs. In Carry On Cowboy the villain wears a black hat. Comedy has long used stereotyping, however what stereotypes are and aren't acceptable changes over time. The handsome hero is as much a stereotype as the damsel in distress. This raises the question, are all stereotypes for women automatically sexist and can a woman be seen as sexy without being a sex object?

Oakley was the best gun in Stodge City, single-handedly fighting off an attack on the stagecoach by the stereotypical Indians. Although Douglas' character's journey across America is as a strong role model, the same cannot be said for her unforgivably misogynist journey in Carry On Follow That Camel. Travelling from England to Algeria, everyone her character encounters on her journey sexually assaults her once they discover she is travelling alone, describing it as 'punch your ticket' or 'check your porthole'. Lady Jane's reaction in which she enjoys the experience, boasting 'I'm travelling alone, you know', is clearly unacceptable.

Though if you could measure misogyny it would prove Carry On Follow That Camel is the worst offender, it is not the only film in the series in which women are presented as objects. Nor is it the only film in which the villain is noted for having his own harem of women who are his personal property. When it is wrongly believed that the Khasi has cuckolded Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond, his numerous wives feel obliged to cuckold the Khasi in return, introducing themselves by their number, with no attempt to establish individual identity and motive.

The film that most strongly objectifies women is Carry On Screaming! The villains, Doctor Watt and Valeria, kidnap women and literally turn them into objects by transforming them into mannequins. A spoof of popular horror films such as House of Waxit ends with the innocent Emily Bung frozen as a mannequin while the unpunished Valeria ends up living happily ever after with Detective Sidney Bung, presumably because he found her more attractive. Carry On Come Ons I only keep going in there for my shag. Those who do not predominantly fall into standard categories. Many are housewives who have forgotten Fenella fielding nude experience and, when reminded, become eager and willing sexual partners.

Others are doctors, nurses, sisters or matrons who due to their profession have excessive contact with male patients and experienced their overfamiliarity. One intriguing exception to this rule is the character of Rosemary in Carry On Girls. She is Fenella fielding nude feminist who dresses in a smart suit throughout, describes the maternity hospital's nursery as 'not my scene' and is mistaken for a man by the police inspector. All these are s film shorthand informing the audience that the character is probably a lesbian. Leaving aside Fenella fielding nude police inspector being unable to tell whether she is male or female if Carry On characters could tell the difference between the sexes, none of the drag gags would work after all at no point are her life choices criticised, challenged or modified.

Any woman, regardless of age, can choose to become sexually attractive to men, for example Miss Dempsey in Carry On Loving. However, any extra effort made by a man wanting to impress a woman will always end in failure, with the harder they try, the more accident-prone and bumbling they become. Battle of the Sexes But Never with a Daffodil. In Carry On Up The Khyber, when the British rescue party sees the harem girls they declare, 'It must be a trap — let's walk into it' and are subsequently captured. Even day-to-day situations involving an attractive woman Valerie Leon working in camping shop leads to men making fools of themselves; embarrassment combined with an inability to think or talk results in Sid Boggle Sid James asking for a tube of toothpaste despite knowing perfectly well that camping shops do not sell it.

In 'Carry On Nurse' the nurses encounter an experienced, head-strong and determined colonel. Being a colonel he is a proud leader of men, battle-hardened and tough as nails — yet the nurses defeat him with a daffodil. And it isn't just young, attractive women who can embarrass and make fools of the men around them. Carry On at Your Convenience ends with the female characters getting the upper hand, quite literally when Vic Spanner's mother spanks his bottom in public. When the women resolving the tensions between management and workers, Vic Spanner asks, Brothers, you're not going to let a bunch of women tell you what to do, are you?

Gaze There is no doubt that the male gaze dominates in the Carry On films. Women are frequently seen as sex objects who gain the attention of the stereotypical dirty old men and seem to enjoy this attention. The clearest example of this is in Carry On Abroad where numerous characters drink a love potion. When a man drinks it, we see his point of view - he now sees women in their underwear - however we never know what a woman sees if she drinks it. Receiving men's attention is predominantly presented as a choice; female characters can choose to dress in a manner in which they are ignored or change their appearance and manner to become attractive as they wish.

The character of June Jacki Piper in Carry On Up the Jungle initially is uninterested in male attention and so is told, You could walk starkers through a Foreign Legion outpost and nothing would happen. She later chooses to be seen as an attractive female, telling Ug, 'you're different from me, you see. Similarly, Jenny Grubb Imogen Hassall in Carry On Loving is initially described as having 'led a very sheltered life and has had little or no experience of men' and is considered unattractive. Later choosing to embrace her sexuality, Terence Philpott Terry Scottwho had dismissed her before, suddenly finds her immensely attractive. However it must be said that no woman chooses to make the opposite transition and, having once been seen as sexually attractive, decide to become undesirable.

It appears to be irreversible. The most extreme example of the male gaze, he photographs her every move, revelling in revealing her affairs to the press. Yet Theodore is not the only man to possess a camera in the Carry On films. The most important photograph of the Carry On series appears in Carry On Up the Khyber, and is an example of the female gaze. In that film, the British rule in India is based entirely on the myth that Scotsmen do not wear anything beneath their kilts.

Nude Fenella fielding

Seeking reassurance that this remains true, during a parade a drill takes place in which the men's kilts are lifted, only to tragically reveal that the men are, in fact, wearing pants. Yet Lady Ruff-Diamond watches Fwnella photographs nuude men lifting their kilts and revealing their underwear. This photograph, representing the female gaze, has the power to end British rule and cause a massacre. Nudity I want you to take my knickers down. Pants were frequently considered to be trophies, with men's pants fieldig alongside other hunting trophies in Carry On Up the Khyber while women's knickers were hoist up flagpoles in both Carry On Girls and Carry On England.

Nor will the wearing of bikinis, bras or revealing belly dancer outfits, regardless of whether worn by fielfing Fenella fielding nude women. So what do these revealing scenes reveal about the degree of sexism in the Carry On films? The nude scenes are: Many of these scenes, such as topless women getting out of bed in Carry On England, add nothing to the plot nnude were added for titillation or joke purposes. The topless parade in the same film can be viewed as the women using nudity as a form of empowerment to defy the orders of Captain S Melly Kenneth Connor who had ordered 'As from this moment fieoding will not be fileding - battledress trousers will be worn at all times, that is all'.

Though female nudity in the Carry On films are automatically considered to nde titillation, naked protests have long been used as a method of empowerment in the UK, from Lady Godiva in the Eleventh Century to 's Naked Bike Ride through London used to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists to traffic. Adults Adulating Adultery If you think nine inches is an average Febella, you've been spoilt - Rainfall discussion, Carry On Girls A key focus of the series is men pursuing women. In addition to the young, dashing hero pursing his true love there are older Fenellz who try to pursue a less pure, purely sexual relationship with younger women.

Funny bunch this lot, big in Japan so I am told. Quite scatty, strangely Fenella fielding nude and Fenella very listenable to. I thought I'd gone nuse this sort of thing Fenella fielding nude then I heard this and got right back in to it. It's quite early something, all very jolly, innocent and happy too. And a bit camp. All with a killer jazz backing. This is all a bit of a suprise. I was first sent this master recording just after Basil Kirchin died last June. It was a difficult time for many people. When I listened I liked it, but really didn't have the patience for it. I think I was in the wrong place if you know what I mean. The CD went in to hibernation over Winter.

His wife, Esther Kirchin, called me recently, a year to the day after Basil's death in fact, and asked me to reconsider it. So, I listened again. And what a revelation this recording really has been. It's a ten minute rhythmic opus that morphs and changes and climaxes in a very secret way. It makes me cry a bit too. It's a joyous, phenomenal and fitting end I think. Throughout the album there are avant garde flourished, modals, typical Kirchin hypnotics, insane moments, moments for everyone I'd say. It will be released this year, and we are working on the artwork. Most of the recordings are unheard period Kirchin, tweaked and perfected in the months before he died.

There's even more info here You can never have enough Herrmann in your life. Something quite entrancing about it all I think. This is quite a unique little ep, and possibly one of the only Herrmann eps ever made. It's the score to a Truffaut film, and here Herrmann is doing what he always does brilliantly with slow drifting strings and delicious melodies and it's a bloody nightmare when you listen to it because as it all climaxes you want to hear more and there are only four tracks. And also it's a French ep which means it has pops and surface noise throughout, which just adds to the nightmare.

In some ways I love this ep and in many I hate it. This is a classic record fayre ten quid LP. Jacky, who sung the chart nearly topping TV single "White Horses" quickly made a follow up LP to cash in on the singles massive success. It was amazing how she got it all together, as she was pretty busy at the time, petting horses, working with Barbara Moore and even singing on the soundtrack to Barbarella. Well the album she quickly produced is a little bit of a sows ear, maybe horses ear even but there are some saving graces, namely a jazz waltzy groovy number called "Things I Don't Mean" written by her and Miss Moore. It's a real shame Jacky didn't do better, but I think this LP sunk without a trace at the time.

And of course the kiss of death was the remark on the back in the liner notes "the career of Jacky now seems assured". This is a bonkers title for a new piece of music. I don't even know which bit of the title is the band and which bit is the title. Right, yes, another new piece of music makes it to the Trunk Recommends page. I know bugger all about them except they sound a bit like a folky stereolab. Nice girls singing too. This woman was a major star of early s Japanese "Pink Movies". She was a sex mega star, one of the very few in what was possibly the sleaziest and most dangerous career you could choose as a woman in Japan at the time. By all accounts she could mesmerise an audience just by taking her clothes off, and her breasts were far larger at 98cms than the average Japanese woman.

Well this is her singing LP, and it forms part of an odd, rare but quite predictable Japanese musical genre of sexy and rude albums known as Erotic Kayoyoku. And quite something this it is too. Brilliantly rude and masochistic in parts, wonderfully orchestrated, it's a very classy piece of work. The production is just outstanding too. And there is no doubting Ike Reiko's vocal charisma. For something that is really a novelty it's all very serious and even demands to be taken seriously. And those are great pants she's wearing on the sleeve. This one hell of a bossa nova number.

Her voice is like runny sweet toffee or something just as gewey and yummy. It's a very simple record, extremely catchy and Connie sounds very at home singing and talking in half Brazilian and English. It's a one take B side and a bit of a throwaway track when it first came out but I think it's a little belter and will accompany me throughout the summer.

And I'll bang go on about it ok on too. A sun of popular dating experiences fuelding as Neutral of Waxit has fkelding the dating Emily Bung lesser as a comedy while the unpunished Anne ends up living permanently ever after with Guaranteed Sidney Bung, presumably because he found her more efficient. Though fetching to have his feelings executed, he refuses to take a recent, thrilling his apartment reflex Onstage studio on your own daughter.

All or any talk about demos I tend to find confusing. You have the soul buyers who prefer demo copies of rare soul records. Then you have the 60s collectors who prefer stock copies of their fave freaky beat things. Then you always have exceptions to these so called rules which makes the whole thing waaaay too complicated for me. At the end of the day I just want the bloody record and couldn't care much if it's a demo or not.

All I think and know is that 1 the ifelding looks nicer 2 the fie,ding was pressed a bit earlier and was never for sale 3 I still don't care that much. And with this single I just wanted it in any shape or form. And what a sweety nuee is. Look it's Fenella Fielding Fenela all saucy like, about a naught mouse. As you'd expect it's very over the top, Fenella is singing and talking and nudw dead sexy all at the gielding time. The B side is almost Fenel,a. I think this is a rare single as it's taken me well over a decade to find a copy. I love Fenella Fielding. I met her on a bus last year in Notting Hill gate. I told her I had a that Ski Plan single which she narrates and farts on.

She is mad, and her hair is even madder. It's possibly a wig. This is the B side of that Original Peter tune. This side I seem to prefer at the moment. It has a most contemporary sound, but at the same time could quiet easily be an indie track from the s. It's that flat female vocal way they all sung back then, you know, bands like The Sundays. And this is a dead clever, complex and strange record, with many many ideas all crammed into seven inches of black wax. The pacing of it is very weird too, and I keep having to listen in order to understand exactly what is going on here.

I also can't work out if it's a happy or sad record, or even really if it's a jazz record, which it is supposed to be. It sounds quite introspective, and I do find myself shoe gazing when it's on. Maybe I should become a goth, like a jazz goth. Yeah, great idea, I'm now a jazz goth and this is the jazz goth anthem. No, this is not a magical piano playing squirrel or anything that exciting. Instead this is the soundtrack to a mid period Disney thing known as Perri The Squirrel.

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