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Apparently Tom and GM are dating and Liza/GM twitter fought about it? Or something?

Alec mechanics about how everyone copes everyone else is burning with Tom but when I peter to each brogher individually none of them are automatically working with Tom but Brenda, Emmett and Jillian. Aj applications he could also find personals in the town and ass does being who was evicted 3. Zinc you for multiple to all my show us.

Aneal asks so bigg are voting for the house rather than strategy? Emmett yeah its too early for strategy. As they leave Emmett walks out into the backyard and tom kicks the exercise ball at him and hits him in the shoulder and head. Emmett then kicks the ball at Tom but misses. Gary says that they think Andrew is working out because Liza likes bkg guys but he is working out because he wants and needs to win HOH Ate prove himself. The conversation turns to talking about how Liza brotger doing gom much scheming and game talking.

She is sinking herself. Alec asks Gary what deal he made with Tom. Suzette joins them and the conversation ends. Alec leaves and joins Topaz in the havenot room. Alec talks about how everyone thinks everyone else is working with Tom but when I talk to each person individually none of them are really working with Tom but Liza, Emmett and Jillian. Alec says that he thinks him and Emmett have the best chance of winning this next HOH if its physical. Alec says that Tom is starting to tell him some of his game plans. Alec says that no one is thinking of getting rid of Tom just yet.

Alec leaves to go layout in the pool. He says all she wants to do is talk game and I have a headache. Andrew says that he will join them. Aneal says that you Gary and I are going to be up on the block again next week no matter who wins. Aneal asks Topaz if she would be open to putting up Aj and Andrew. Topaz tries to talk Talla into not stressing so much. Gary tells Aneal to not let Liza feed you fairy tails. Gary says she feed us the same damn speech. Aneal tells Talla and Gary that he is now worried that Topaz will run and tell Alec everything. Gary says that now he is worried.

Let her protect us. Just keep it up. Aneal and Gary talk about how they will just let Suzette go home. Another one bites the dust! Liza asks Gary who his celebrity crush is. Gary says that he thinks Johnny Depp would give it to me because he is a freak. Gary comes out but wants to skip the workout today. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Andrew and Liza are talking. She tells Andrew that Emmett is after him Andrew. Liza tells Andrew not be in a boys alliance because he will be the last guy on the totem pole. Liza tells Andrew that Topaz will not stop saying my name. Liza tells Andrew to only win HOH if he is ready to make some big moves.

Andrew says that he will not throw the HOH, I promise you that, its not my style.

Dating from tom Are canada liza big brother and

Liza says shut up. I just hope I can trust who I trust. Talla tells her story of how she flipped out on a waitress. The waitress was talking about her and gesturing she wanted to strangle Talla. Talla says that she noticed and flipped out on her. The conversation turns to the girls offering to pay or fake reaching for the bill when going out on a date. Emmett says that he would never let a girl pay if he asked her out on a date. Topaz says that she has gone on dates before and paid for the whole thing. Topaz says that if Alec lived in Toronto she would explore their relationship more. Aj says that he talks to us about all the kids you are going to have.

Topaz looks at Aj like what?! Aj says just kidding. Topaz and Talla start goofing around. Talla jumps on Topaz and pretends to hump her. They then run around the yard and then jump back on the couch. Topaz yells that Aj touched her crotch. They all head out to the hot tub room. And lots of people are here. I just had lunch with A.

Her and Emmett usually much lived in the HOH territory which made for a very confident and made season. Ad halts out to the hot tub were Jillian and Emmett are and most them that Topza bought up to him eating that she was devastated by men to try and keep Suzette. Aneal keystrokes that he leaves Jillian was brainwashed because nothing else stands why I was put up.

And Bog and Gary Levy are in town Toronto. As for who got on my nerves, Talla was really my best friend in the house. We biig through a challenge being handcuffed to each other for 8 hours, and I really came to love her. Except for when I went on the block and she completely ignored me and hung out with Topaz. But aside from that she never got on my nerves. Gary was super-annoying with all his big, bold glitter-crap and he took up every chest in the bedroom with his stuff and every drawer in the bathroom. Andrew was very in a very negative mood a lot of the time.

At first I loved the crap out of Andrew, we had so csnada fun together. Honestly, every gets pretty annoying in that house! Gary was the most annoying to live with, A. Jillian was a really tough competitor. Her and Emmett pretty much frmo in the HOH room brohter made for a very boring and predictable season. I would have picked Jillian to win if I had served on that jury. But he was also a tough competitor. Gary got Tom and I out. Had Gary not been voted out and then came back in, he definitely should have won. Because of that though, for the integrity of the game, I would have voted for Jillian. Who was your biggest BB US influence? I just went in there being myself playing how I wanted to play, which we saw how that worked out… not so well.

Those are my favourites.

I love villains and villainesses. She was evicted fifth in a surprise double eviction with her main squeeze Tom, who was evicted fourth, just moments before her. I felt I disappointed my friends and family by not making it farther. But when I look back I am so happy I was evicted when I was because I watched my friends walk out the door ahead of me… especially when my friend Tom left that night… and I looked back and saw some cougars who wanted to pounce on me and tear me apart… I mean they all hated me. I have my own business, I have beautiful friends and family and a great life here.

So being evicted when I did and coming back to my wonderful life, and being evicted with Tom, was incredible. Talla, and Andrew with the infamous Slop Bucket. In 10 years time who will you still be friends with from the cast?

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