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The next year we had some more fun before enjoying and heading out. To be included, I had had a ride time with Twinkling, but it was cosy. Cleanly testicles in my marriage report in the Puerto Plata scrub.

I was not sure about the happy hour, but she had assured me that she and Ines, unlike some other dynamic duos, would not spend the entire time talking to each other. This turned out to be untrue, but it was not so bad. We danced a little in the disco, then ended up in the Jacuzzi.

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To be honest, I had had a better time with Carolina, but it was good. We headed up to the room, and I could see why chica 1 damn, I really wish I could remember that name! She has an amazing body. But she was not really into it. She would send me over to Ines as soon as she could get away with it, and then she would stay by herself I. No interaction with me while I was with Ines. Ines was a sweetheart, on the other hand, much more GFE. Ines is to the right; chica 1 is to the left. Maybe somebody remembers her name? I spent the night with them, which sounded like a great idea, but was not really.

I had a hard time sleeping. No overnight happy "hours" for me again. The next morning we had some more fun before showering and heading out. I ended up having breakfast with NYC guys before they had to leave and then invited Carolina to join me. She had her bikini and we hit the pool for some volleyball. I won one match, she won one, and then I invited her upstairs to my room for the tiebreaker. I did not regret it.

Damn, she knows how to use that body! She is one hot chica! I plan to see her again when I go back. After my swim, it rained, and we all Mike, me, and his staff sought shelter under the roof, along with a Dominican family who had been BBQing some chicken. Mike has a lot of insights on the DR, having lived there for a while. It was quite enlightening. I had made an afternoon date with. Man, this is getting embarrassing. Making dates is not a bad idea, I found. The chicas are constantly asking you "when are we going to make love", "how about you and me now? I know that a lot of you guys have no problem telling a woman no, but that always been a hard one for me.

Chica 2 see 2 pix below often looks stern, but is very pretty when she smiles. We had a nice time. But on to the main course. I shaved, showered, and dressed up a little, because we were heading out to the casino with Mr. J and a new guest. Joana was dressed very nicely. I felt a bit like I was going to the senior prom except that, this time there was no doubt that I would score. I was a bit worried that, since she was so beautiful, Joana might be a bit prissy and distant. Nothing further from the truth! She treated me better than a boyfriend or like the girlfriend on my dreams.

But it did not cost too much. I recommend checking it out. Mr J, who had been to BBs a few times, told me that the last time he had been at the casino, they were having a show and his driver told him he could arrange for him to sleep with any of the show girls he wanted. The other alternative would be to have an activity partner who is willing to travel etc. Let me know what works best for you? I am mmerenda48 peoplepc. I am a very open, honest, accessible man Thank you for your thoughtfulness,sincerity is contagious, I am looking forward to talking with you in person Love is Alive and well in the Land of Enchantment Guesstimates of whom found her way of inonline has made public numbers on casting young become the abdominal's.

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