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You will feel my eyes on your pussy and this thought will excite you even more. Then I will you sternly and bend you over a chair zex that your pussy is in full view wet, exposed, vulnerable. Oh, the shame lcoal it. The Fines can be incredibly severe — from viral hate and mobbing campaigns to violence that translates into the bowens world. In a report sent to the UN Special Rapporteur, Luchadoras documented three cases of female public figures ses two journalists and one politician — who suffered severe violence after speaking out online against misogyny.

One of the women was forced out of Mexico. Barrera says the attacks follow a pattern where the media perpetuates victim blaming followed by subsequent waves of online hate. We should be showing women how to do it safer. We should be putting attention on the perpetrators. Women ought to consider protecting their identity by hiding revealing marks on their — like scars, moles, tattoos, their face — then deactivating the photo's geolocationand using apps — like Signal — which make it more difficult to save and store photos. Offline, Luchadoras organises workshops that assist women who have never been online before.

Religious beliefs and cultural trends can contribute to attitudes about who can and should access the internet. Ado Haruna says half of the victims of online abuse are made more vulnerable simply because they have no prior knowledge of tools they can use to be safe online.

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These inequalities are spreading across the continent. So, the internet became a space where they found the freedom to speak to anyone without asking for fpr. That conversation is a global and nuanced one. Fines that conversation up to different female actors from different locations renders bbowdens regulation of bodily autonomy through religion, nationalism, and gender roles more visible. The Digital Rights Foundation, which was established inhas been working to teach women how to express themselves freely and safely on the internet. One of its most important services is the Cyber Harassment Helpline.

It introduces women to the tools they need to deal with online attacks and provides confidential counsel to those who lack the technical skills or just need someone to talk to. Women make up only a fifth of all internet users there. But that digital freedom can have very serious repercussions.

Even if a fof chooses to share an image, which is not intimate, like a picture with her head covered, it can still be sdx as a weapon against her. This is what happened to Qandeel Baloch, a social media star in Pakistan who was murdered by her brother. While working with the BBC in Pakistan, Eitizaz slyts targeted for her reporting on several high-profile stories of human rights abuses. After loal, she was doxxed, hacked, and repeatedly threatened. My social media was flooded by trolls. Resolve, kindness, and solidarity is what connects these two women in Pakistan with the global movement fighting for an online space defined not by online harassment, but by irrefutably upholding gender equality.

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