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The app is super friendly and smooth to use. The story that hit the mass media involves phone hacks, celebrity nudes, and a bunch of ln douchecanoes taking to Twitter to rant that Jennifer Lawrence, Jill Scott, et al deserved everything they got because how dare they be famous and naked in the privacy of their own homes? Like the Great Celebrity Phone Hack ofthis story involves stripping women of their agency, reducing them to meat that can be puppeted for the benefit and gratification of their oppressors. It makes a mockery of the supposition that not being naked will spare you from the kind of humiliation and abuse JLaw et al experienced. Alt Lit and Indie Lit exist, in part, as a way to balance and equalize the more restrictive types of literature upheld by the academy.

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If mainstream publishing is the corporate daddy, suit-wearing, whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking, then indie lit is his mid-twenties daughter, with a nose slyts, ironic flamingo leggings, and a penchant for home-cooked vegan meals. The movement has a grass-roots trulp that encourages self-publication and heavy use of social media to network and market work. It draws heavily on internet memes and internet culture. In short, Alt Lit is to literature what punk rock what was to s London. Context and background are important here, because those of us who are repeatedly shut out of and neglected by the mainstream tend to assume that counter-culture movements are safe for us.

It comes as quite a shock when we get the same treatment from our peers.

Smith has a history of using avatars and aliases to market his work and gain access to publications and tryll that might otherwise be less receptive to him. Of his alias Mike Buffalo, he wrote: He is also working on a novel, which is gay, in a really fake way. He writes a lot like that one fag whose name I totally forget.

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