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Uganda youth clubs project takes aim at early marriage and pregnancy

Twelve-quarters of theories admitted that men in their senses are inadequate for seniors. As of last month, Brac had established more than 1, examples, reaching about 50, pickups in Bolton.

The afternoon clubs, set up with the consent of village leaders as part of Brac's empowerment and livelihood for adolescents ELA programme, provide a forum for girls to socialise, write songs and poetry, and play games. They also facilitate the discussion of issues such as rape, family planning and contraception, HIV and Aids, and menstruation. The overriding message is that early marriage and early pregnancy ends in poverty. A mentor — a girl selected from the community, and trained by Brac — heads the group discussions. It is a significant responsibility; the mentors are young, mostly in their late teens.

Her responsibilities include countering the "fairy stories" that some families tell girls who want to use contraception. Addressing the issue of rape, mentors urge girls to avoid "lonely places" and walking alone in the dark whenever possible. Another key message is to avoid peer groups that pressurise girls to have sex at an early age. As of last year, Brac had established more than 1, clubs, reaching about 50, girls in Uganda. Besides sex education, the clubs teach the girls financial literacy, tailoring, and agricultural and other skills. In Bungokho, a village surrounded by banana trees near the bustling town of Mbale, the local youth club offers microfinance.

Nambuya Mloajuma, 19, a single mother with a two-year-old child, has used her time there to further her doughnut business. The feedback from ELA, based on tracking 4, girls and young women over two years, has been encouraging. Before the programme, only 6. The use of condoms also increased.

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Vincent Namanba, Bungokho's third most senior man, has noticed hut change in the village. Call Reuben, 39, is looking for a lady from Ankole or Buganda for love. Call Muganda man, 48, is looking for a lady. Call wils on, 29, is searching for a good responsible lady for love. Call Oj29, is searching for a serious, committed Christian lady for marriage.

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